Xboxs cloud game comes, app by, Samsung televisions

The application of Game Pass for the Smart TV 2022 of Samsung and its smart monitors is already available through the Gaming Hub tab. This means that Samsung’s intelligent television owners can access the Xbox Game Pass catalog, after subscription, and enjoy all the cloud titles without the need for a console. As explained on the official Xbox website, users will only need a control with Bluetooth connection, being the service compatible with the Xbox controls and also with the PS5 dualsense among others.


According to the presentation video, this service is now available in 27 countries among which is Spain. The necessary subscription to start playing is that of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, so, in addition to accessing the Game Pass catalog, we will have the titles and services included in EA Play available. Among the games that we can enjoy from this moment on our television are Far Cry 5, Doom Eternal, Halo Infinite or Forza Horizon 5 among many others. It should be noted that the cloud game is still in beta.

At this time, the Gaming Hub of Samsung’s smart TVs also allows us to access the Nvidia GeForce Now and Google Stadia Games catalog. Facing the future, the Amazon Luna service will be incorporated.

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