Mir M updates Towons door featuring a double-headed blood horse

Wemade (CEO Jang Hyun-guk)’s masterpiece mobile MMORPG ‘Mir M: Vanguard and Vagabond’ (hereinafter ‘Mir M’) conducted a new party dungeon update today (14th).

Through this update, users can take on a new challenge in the dungeon subjugation ‘Gate of Towon’ where you can meet a powerful new boss, Double-Headed Blood Horse.

Users who have met the conditions for level 30 or higher and quest achievement can enter using a dungeon subjugation ticket. If you succeed in the dungeon subjugation ‘Gate of Towon’ challenge, you will be given gifts such as ‘Sacred Spirit Uniform’ and other material items that boast strong defense.

In addition, the event held to commemorate the launch of ‘Mir M’ continues until the 20th (Wednesday). Through the ‘7 Days 7 Color Attendance Event’, items necessary for growth, such as spiritual and incarnation summoning tickets, reinforcement stones, and mandala materials, are presented as gifts, and upon reaching the 7th attendance, you can receive a special box where you can obtain a large amount of reward items.

Along with this, ‘The Path I Choose: Vanguard & Vagabond Event’ continues. If you acquire battle/skill points through in-game play and set a character participating in the event on the event page, you can apply by putting points on the mandala using the converted dragon jade (battle points) and pong jok (skill points).

Through lottery, generous prizes such as ‘Laser Blade Stealth 13 Gaming Laptop’, ‘Shimano 18 Iso Limited Lure Fishing Rod’, and ‘Limore Travel Carrier’ will be provided.

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