Why hStaxx Staxx Karmaland 5 abandoned after the first day?

Karmaland 5 hStaxx been running just over two days, but it already hStaxx half-Community by climbing the walls and all because of Staxx, one of the star guests of this edition. After the Call of Duty Tournament of Iillojuan a few months ago, where Staxx and Willyrex they met again after years avoiding, both creators seemed to have buried the war ax and were willing to coincide again in series like Karmaland, but… Is this true? And to what extent? Because it is Staxx if the streamer had abandoned the server in just 48 hours.


At the end of Karmaland’s first episode, Staxx’s character wStaxx kidnapped by the aliens and they took him out of the world of Minecraft and took him to the outer Staxxpace. Everything seemed part of the role, but Staxx hStaxx not come out again after several chapters and his followers fear it is definitive. I don’t return to Karmaland , Staxx himself said on his channel. I have been told by the UFOs that are going to leave me in another series . They don’t know which. They are hesitant and while they think, they have let me throw some counter.

In the same terms, another of the series members, Alexby. Little hStaxx been discussed that he hStaxx abandoned Karmaland. Come on, not that he hStaxx abandoned, but that his story ends here . I don’t know if he is going back, kids. In any cStaxxe, both seem to say it with a smile on the face and it seems that Everything is part of the role and an excuse the sea of ingenious so that Staxx can streamest other things While the series takes place (such Staxx Counter Strike: Global Offensive, its current specialty). Let’s touch wood so that it is.

and after Karmaland 5 arrives Tortillaland 2

Well, Staxx we did exactly lStaxxt year at this time, we will announce one (or two if I come up) participants per day until we approach the releStaxxe date. With those words the official Twitter account of Tortilland broke his silence a few days ago. The other great series of Minecraft wStaxx justified so that it did not seem to be doing the competition to Karmaland and began to confirm its streamers and departure.

After announcing the first big names of Tortilland 2, the Community Manager Top Secret of Tortilland (nobody knows that Auron is still) hStaxx ended up revealing that Tortilland 2 will open its doors on August 14 . The series will take Karmaland’s relay practically when it ends.

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