AI revised video game

A customer on Reddit has improved old computer game with the aid of a AI or instead their hero, a real HD upgrade. The outcomes are sometimes purest headache product. We’ll inform you which iconic video game figure the community is most squashing.

look exactly how they slaughtered my young boys

** The disturbing result activates different reactions. His smile looks a bit unusual, but generally the AI hit its striking appearance well.

Man-made knowledge are currently able to impressive points , even if the possibility is far from exhausted. This is likewise proven by the thread from the Reddit user Ecarterlennon. This has actually revised legendary video game heroes like Solid Serpent, Fight It Out Nukem or Pac-Man with a AI.

On the various other hand, the improvement of Jimmy Hopkins, the lead character from Bully **, likewise appears weird. Resemblances to the original are still recognizable, however the outcome is much more reminiscent of a husky Lex Luthor. Some users likewise make a comparison to Wayne Rooney, the English football player.

you have actually never seen Pac-Man such as this before

Many customers see this brand-new PAC-Man the perfect lead character for a scary game, which is underpinned by the masses with several upvotes. Other users say that PAC-Man is already a scary video game, since one is constantly leaving ghosts.


Ultimately, a user likewise desires the AI to modify the Hagrid from the PlayStation 1 variation of Harry Potter and also the rock of the smart males. The stated image appreciates meme standing on the net as well as is extremely well known on systems such as Twitter, Reddit or 9gag.

A user on Reddit has actually improved old video games with the help of a AI or instead their hero, a real HD upgrade. Fabricated knowledge are currently able to outstanding points , even if the potential is far from exhausted. On the various other hand, the makeover of Jimmy Hopkins, the lead character from Bully , additionally appears scary. ** The yellow beast additionally attains the most responses by much.

The pure scary is the being that the AI developed based on Pac-Man. The yellow monster also achieves the most responses without a doubt.

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