Fortnite no Sweat Sign Locations: Where to find no Sweat Signs

Fortnite’s not Sweat summer event is here and with it comes the opportunity to collect new cosmetics, consumables and weapons. In most cases, you will have to collect a Fortnite sign without sweat so you are probably wondering where you can find.

There are a total of 16 missions to complete as part of the summer event without Fortnite sweat and, fortunately, they are quite easy, but if you need to point you in the right direction, we will have many useful guides during the duration of the event..

All Fortnite no Sweat Sign locations

One of the first missions you will find in the Sweat Summer event is to collect a non-Sweat sign. First, they will have to find them and can be collected in two locations on the map: the Ridgeline Ranger station and the beach east of Sanct. Each of these places has three lots separate from metal shelves where you can find signs.

Ridgeline Ranger Station no Sweat Sign Location#1

The first sign can be found on the east side of Loot Lake, next to the metal catwalk and the large metal containers with graffiti. The metal shelf is next to a lamppost.

Loot Lake No Sweat Sign Location#2

You cannot get signs of sweat on the shelves on the north side of the yellow building, a little further south, on the east side of Lake Lake.

Ridgeline ranger station location of the non-sweat sign No. 3

The third and final location of these Ridgeline Ranger Station signs can be found on the east side of the orange building in the southeast corner of the place.

Beach no Sweat Sign Location# 4

You can find more Sweat signs on the beach directly south of the island of the monument, under a blue roundabout.

Beach no Sweat Sign Location# 5

Go a little further northward along the beach and you will find more metal shelves next to a large rock with some Fortnite no Sweat signals.

Beach no Sweat Sign Location# 6

Finally, directly to the east of the sanctuary, you will find some more metal shelves with the signs next to the wooden fence on the edge of the beach. It is also right north of the Rosas Arc series.

Once you have found one of the non-Sweat signs, you will be ready to undertake the next part of the mission, such as placing it in a sponsorship place, according to this first mission of the event.

Plant the sign and the search is complete, easy. You will not get any XP for completing the mission, but you will be rewarded with MeowsCles Tailstyle for the ICE-blast Snow Crunchem Back Bling.

That is all we know about How to collect a sponsorship poster in Fortnite . Be sure to consult the rest of our coverage and guides for the non-Sweat event of Fortnite.

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