The alien annihilation action CHENSO CLUB will be released on September 2. Five individual super heroines ruthlessly defeat the invaders

Publisher Curve Games/Aurora Punks announced that it will be released on September 1, local time. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam)/Xbox One and overseas Nintendo Switch/PS4. According to the Steam store page, it will be released on September 2 in Japan time.

CHENSO CLUB is a horizontal scrolling action game. Players face the alien corps as the The Chenso Club gathered to save the world. In the story mode, the story is drawn in comic style. It seems that a powerful boss also appears. It is said that the stage is generated randomly. An additional game mode is also prepared.

In the trailer, a variety of aliens, from slightly eerie to cute designs. You can see the game play that relentlessly defeat them. It is said that the life force that remains after defeating the aliens will be the energy source.

It seems that five members will appear on the members of the player character The Chenso Club. BLUE, who is a good weapon, is an Android of destructionism. Carmine, a hammer, is a guard of the king’s guard, aiming to regain a castle hijacked by aliens. PLUM is a cheerful witch and confront aliens using various magic. Alice, an adventurer who treats vine as an attack or transportation, boasts the fastest damage among characters. Molly, who makes full use of long-range attacks, is a quiet and mysterious firefighter in the world. They sometimes wear new power in the battle.

Pixadome is based in Sweden. In the past, he released a horizontal scrolling action Hayfever, which flies around with the propulsion of sneezing. Cute graphics and characteristic gameplay are well received. Looking at trailers, etc., the characteristics in the past work may have been demonstrated in this work. This work also has a free demo version. If you are interested, please pick it up.

CHENSO CLUB will be released on September 1, local time for PC (Steam)/Xbox One and overseas Nintendo Switch/PS4.

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