Base invasion vs Base Defense Multi -play game Meet Your Maker announced. A new battle game game made by DBD seriously

BEHAVIOR INTERACTIVE announced on August 4 the first-person viewpoint build & raid game meet you Maker set in the end-of-world. The compatible platforms are PC (Steam) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S, which is scheduled to be released in 2023. This information is revealed in the event BEHAVIOR BEYOND commemorating the 30th anniversary of its founding.

Meet Your Maker is a build & raid game developed from a first-person perspective. The stage is the end-of-world near the destruction. The player is a chimera administrator, an experimental body that has been created to save the life on the earth. He will focus on a battle over valuables called pure genetic substances, centered on the outpost base.

The purpose of this work is to compete for pure genetic substances. The game proceeds while switching between the two modes, the build and the raid. First, about build mode. In this mode, you can build a outpost, which is the center of the game. The only purpose is to try to invade the base, and to protect pure hereditary substances from players (looters). Use a variety of architectural blocks to create a base from the base to the exterior and interior to accumulate sandboxes. A trap or guard (escort) is set up inside the base, aiming for the mercy and exclusion of looters.

The trailer allows you to see various devices set up at the base. Place a brutal trap, such as a floor where dozens of sharp spines push up from below, and a wall that spray flame attacks, and return the looters. In addition, a unit called a guard that attacks the looter is handled. The placement location of the guard seems to be not limited to fixing, but can also create a moving route in advance. If you set an unexpected warning route, you will be able to get through the looted person.

On the other hand, in the raid mode, he heads to the base that the player has built as a looter. The purpose is to secure a pure genetic substance hidden in the base. Naturally, various traps and guards are developing at each base. Avoid the arranged traps skillfully, and aim for an area where pure genetic supplies are hidden while driving the guards that stand out with their weapons. Occasionally, you can use a grappling hook and shortcut it brilliantly. An unexpected trap may be waiting at the end of the area where you can easily enter.

In addition, if you use a function called a replay system, the player can see the sterilization who is trying to invade his base. In addition, it is good to see the players exhausted in the base and immerse themselves in joy, or learn how to secure pure genetic substances and learn how to make the base a stronger fortress, and in any case. It is likely to be a high-sex system.

The development of Meet Your Maker is a Canada-based game development company behaviour Interactive. The company is aiming to create a new IP following the company’s main title, Dead by Daylight, and the production team is strong. According to ASH Pannell, the creative director of Meet Your Maker, this work has been developed to blow a new breeze into the build and raid genre. He also commented that after the release of the film, he would regularly supply content and aim for infinite expandability by multiplying the player’s imagination.

Meet Your Maker will be released in 2023 for PC (Steam)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. A closed play test will be held on August 24, Japan time.

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