Wemade Mir M, Teacher-Disciples Growth Content Priest Update

Wemade (CEO Jang Hyun-guk) ‘s masterpiece mobile MMORPG’ Mir M: Vanguard & Baga Bond ‘(hereinafter referred to as Mir M) has updated the new content’ Priest ‘on the 4th.

The priesthood system is a new content that plays together with the relationship between the users and the disciples, and you can benefit from various shared growth such as ▲ various item compensation ▲ 5 new achievements according to the relationship between priests ▲ acquisition of the title of the priesthood and additional buff effects..

Teachers and disciples have character level conditions, respectively, and characters who meet the conditions can form a priesthood relationship with each other. Any user with level 30 can be a teacher, and users at levels 19-24 can have a priest in the discipleship.


Every time the disciple’s level goes up, he presents a priests certificate with a powerful buff effect and a level reward box that contains a variety of items for growth. If the teacher and disciple are concurrently connected, the experience buff will be applied at all times, which can be faster.

At the same time, new users will be held by achieving the ‘Shining Line Journey’ quest by the 21st (Sun) and reaching a certain level.

In addition, the new attendance event, Love of Love: Ojak Bridge 14th, was unveiled. The event will be held until Wednesday, 31st, and will present a lot of items such as potions that increase combat efficiency, equipment reinforcement stone, and Yongok and Bong-ok to expand Mandala Machog.

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