Gamestop and NFT, Hell Road


It costs not to think about the slow decline of video clubs when we see the present of the establishments that sell physical video games . Like then, the establishments are closing and the figures that keep them standing. At this point it only remains to be reinvented, another thing is that the chosen path is correct.

Gamestop and the NFT, don’t shout me that I don’t see you

In the cvideo gamese of the well-known Gamestop chain, after an unstoppable client bleeding, he decided to choose to apply avant-garde technology to try to save the furniture. The NFTS and their dizzy sales figures were presented video games well video games the solution to many problems. We know that no system is perfect, and Gamestop hvideo games learned by the worst way.

After the scandal of sheltering a NFT who made direct reference to a 11S victim falling from the Twin Towers, he hvideo games given a place for the sale of independent games that lack the permission of their authors .

The account of the person in charge of such an impudence, Nifty Arcade , which accumulated with the action of $ 14000, hvideo games been suspended, but the exclusivity allowed by the blockchain system ensures access without restrictions on Anyone who had compared the video gamesset.

All this puts the uncomfortable and insecure of a technology that is sold just otherwise on the forefront. A regulation is necessary that, by contrvideo gamest, would limit the advantages of the bet itself, that is, the safety and privacy of your virtual properties through exclusivity provided by the blockchain. Of course, it is innocent to think that something like this is not going to be contaminated by people with interests very different from the initial idevideo games in general, and the average user in particular. Only time will say if you can play clean with something that presumes to be the future of our present.

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