How to save in No Man’s Sky – autosasion and manual preservation

In No Man’s Sky, players can suddenly lose their progress due to the hostile nature of the universe. Traveling through a deep space, you will encounter alien forms of life, enemy guards and pirates, fighting with severe weather conditions on many planets. Due to the extensive nature of the game, the loss of your progress can be quite unpleasant. Fortunately, in No Man’s Sky there is a simple autosasion mechanics that preserves your progress every time you leave your starship. Along with this, there are also several ways to keep the game manually. In this leadership, we will consider all ways to maintain your progress in No Man’s Sky.

How to preserve your progress in No Man’s Sky

As mentioned earlier, in No Man’s Sky there is a function of autosasi that constantly maintains your progress. However, there are several ways to make the game preserve your progress manually. Here are three ways to maintain your progress in No Man’s Sky.


The mechanics of auto-saving No Man’s Sky is directly related to your star. Every time you get out of the star of the starship , the game will cause auto-safety. This makes your starship in the best way to manually preserve your progress, because you can call your starship where you are, from a quick menu. This function of autosasuria also works when you leave your minotaur or underwater exocoral Nautilon. Make sure that the auto-saving function is included in the parameters of the main menu.

Activate a lighthouse or track point

Lighthouses and track points are near almost any planetary structures, except for monoliths and ancient ruins. Lighthouses can be found using Analysis Visor. Travel points are more difficult to find than beacons, but they can often be found next to broken ships, landing capsules, abandoned buildings and shelters. Interaction with any of these structures automatically activates the conservation point.

Save glasses

The conservation points are a type of built technology that can be created using resources. First, players should buy a drawing point of conservation in a space anomaly. Otherwise, you can get a drawing point of conservation as a reward for the fifth basic computer mission for free. When you have a drawing, you will need two metal coatings and also one marvelous jelly to create a conservation point. After creating, he will fall into your inventory. Just place it and interact with it to save the game.

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