Corona 19 beds were half patients. New confirmation 6,2078

In the midst of 62,78 new confirmers in Korea, Korea, and half of the 19 beds of Corona were filled with patients.

According to the Central Defense Countermeasures Headquarters (Book Book), the community confirmed as of 0 o’clock on the 15th and 396 cases of overseas inflow. Regional distributions were 27,182 (44.1%) in the metropolitan area and 34,500 (55.9%) of non-capital regions. The total cumulative number of confirmed confirmation is 2,141,36 people (51,895 foreign inflows).

Among the resources, 521 patients with hypothesis increased nine from the previous day. Among them, 457 (87.7%) are 60 years old. The day before, 417 patients were confirmed.

The number of home therapists is increasing rapidly. The total number of home therapists is currently 71,282, including 71,734 new home therapists. There are also 173 housing medical counseling centers nationwide.

Currently, Corona’s 19 beds are 7,000 201 beds. The hospital utilization rate is rapidly depleted, with 45.0% of severe diseases, 65.3% of quasi-severe disease, and 47.3% of secondary school. As the operating size decreases and home treatment becomes more common, the utilization rate of living therapy centers is relatively low.

The medical center of respiratory patients has 13,733 places nationwide. Among them, there are 9,926 one-stop medical institutions that perform care, inspection, prescription, and treatment for patients with respiratory patients.

In addition, the number of new deaths was 7 than the previous day, up 50. The cumulative deaths are 25,673 and the fatal rate is 0.12%. Of the 330 deaths reported in the second week of this month, 316 (95.8%) were over 50 years old. The age of 60 and over was 48 (96.0%).

In relation to this month’s cumulative deaths of the second week of this month, the number of non-vaccines and the first-time interviewers were confirmed to be 105 (33.2%). The Book report reported that the risk of death of the fourth end of the 4th species was 96.3% lower than the unacceptable. In addition, it was confirmed that it was 80.0% lower than the secondary ends and 75.0% lower than the completion of the 3rd.

As of June 3rd, among the total population of 60s or more, the age of age standardization by vaccination force ▲ 2.7 people (per 1 million people) ▲ 0.4 people (per 1 million people) ▲ 4th 4th It was 0.1 (1 million people).

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