Rödinghausen trainer Rump apologizes for GDR

At Carsten Rump, a great deal had apparently built up, which broke out in clear words on Saturday in the press meeting after the 2-0 win versus FC Schalke 04 II. At SC Prussia Münster, which Rump targeted his extreme objection, these statements were not well gotten.

On Monday, the 41-year-old, who was born in Dessau (former GDR as well as currently in Saxony-Anhalt), no more wished to leave his declarations. In an explanation that the SV Rödinghausen published on its site, the instructor claims: After the extensive video game on Saturday, feelings have prepared with me, which sadly made me tear towards the breakout declarations in the instructions of the organization, which also additionally have in connection can be misconstrued to one of our rivals. Rump understands that I did refrain it particularly, but over all my club.

Particularly the analogy to the BFC Dynamo would no more choose Rump today: Above all, my declarations associated with the GDR were greater than improper and out of location. That this caused rage, I can absolutely recognize. Rump concludes: I reviewed my behavior as well as please say sorry.

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