The original author of the Rights of the Blood Blood Blockchain-Longtu Dispute, in the second round

Recently, Dominous Games and Longtu Korea had a legal dispute over the ‘Hot Blood Street’-based Blockchain Game. Longtu Korea argued that there was no platform or technical restrictions such as blockchain due to the right to develop/service ‘hot blood strong’ based mobile games, and Dominous Games and the original author said that the blockchain game should be viewed separately.

The dispute has continued since March. The writers of the enthusiasts, the artists, and Yang Jae-hyun, filed a lawsuit for copyright infringement in front of Tygon Mobile, a subsidiary of Longtu Korea, but the court decided that there was no data infringement. Since then, the original author has applied for an appeal and is about to interrogate the second.

In such a situation, webtoon/comic industry organizations and associations issued a statement that raised the original hand. The relevant statement, which was released on the 16th, was the Korea Manga Association, Woori Manga Solidarity, Webtoon Association, Korea Webtoon Writers Association, Korea Cartoon Association, Korea Cartoon Story Artist Association, Korea Webtoon Industry Association, Korea Manga Webtoon Society It was sent in the future, and the incident was called ‘Longtu Korea and Tygon Mobile using an exploitation case using the pre-industrial settlement system/legal gap’.

Through the statement, the group said, The majority of existing operators who are contracting with Webtoon IP sign a separate contract when they start the virtual asset business. This is taken for granted. We plan to create a countermeasure committee for this case and actively inform related organizations including the National Assembly.


However, apart from the statement, the answer is not yet answered about whether the blockchain game can be recognized as a separate platform. Blockchain games, also known as P2E games, are primarily close to technical definitions that are added to mobile or PC online. There is no problem if the game treats the game as a separate platform and specifies it in the contract at the time of the contract.

Therefore, according to the judiciary judgment, it will be determined whether or not to be treated as a separate platform without special provisions for the blockchain game.

The first interrogation of copyright infringement on both sides will be held on September 1.

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