How to make a spear in Tribes of Midgard

To make a spear in Tribes of Midgard, you must assemble six firewood, and then visit the Ludiller in Saga Mode . If you play in the survival mode, you must create a toolpick with three flints . After the creation of grinding machine you can make an initial spear called the spear of a village resident, as in the saga mode, with six firewood.

How to unlock recipes for making copies in Tribes of Midgard

To unlock more recipes for making copies in Tribes of Midgard, you must either update Tinker Village Workshop in the saga mode. You can improve the Tinker Village craft station using souls collected from fallen enemies, chests, etc. Here is the full number of souls necessary to improve Tinker to the maximum level:

* Second level: 250 souls

Third level: * 500 souls
Fourth level: 1k shower
Fifth level: 1500 thousand souls

However, if you want to unlock the spear options in survival mode, you will need to update Sharpet Station . You can improve the sharpening machine by collecting the necessary resources, just as players improve jobs in the Saga mode. You can check what resources you need to update the sharpening machine by entering the Update menu on the tochline machine. To enter the Update menu, press the G button or use the key .

Checking Update menu will display all the necessary resources for updating the sharpening machine to the next level. As soon as you find out what resources you need, you can easily find all the resources in Tribes of Midgard by checking various biomes in the game. After the update of the sharpening machine or npc tinker you can make the next spear depending on the level of the craft station.

How to make all spears in Tribes of Midgard

Below are all the necessary resources for the manufacture of all spear options in Tribes of Midgard:

How to make one spear of a village resident in Tribes of Midgard *
* Six wooden
How to make a double spear of a village resident in Tribes of Midgard
* Spear of one resident
* 3 teeth of a wolf
How to make a spear of Alvis in Tribes of Midgard
* 13 Stone
* 9 algae
How to make Alviss Spear Two in Tribes of Midgard
* Alviss spear one
* 12 kelp
* 8 bolts of the mushroom moon
* Level 3 workshop
How to make Embers Spear One
in Midgard tribes
* 12 Wood
* Eight lavetir lava
How to make two spears from coals in Tribes of Midgard *
* Coals spear one
* 11 Lavaetir Lava

* Seven fire stones
* Level 3 workshop

How to make a third spear from coals * in the tribes of Midgard
* 13 Lavaetir Lava
* Embers spear two
* Seven fire stones
* Seven spheres of Brenalfara
* Workshop 4 levels
How to make a surt spire in Tribes of Midgard *
* 22 wooden boards
* 18 Muspelorm Ship
* 14 large bones
* 4 golden horns
* Craft station 5th level

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