CULT OF THE LAMB Cult of the Lamb is attracting attention. Players are surprising and experts show their understanding

The expression of the evil management action Cult of the Lamb is attracting attention. It became clear that the NPC believer suddenly demanded that he wanted to eat a dish made of poop. A view of the believer’s outrageous behavior has been posted in light of the animal ecology of animals.

Cult of the Lamb is an action game that has the elements of the cultiva and dungeon search. The protagonist is a lamb who has been resurrected by the standby once executed by the bishops of the old religion. The purpose of the game is to nurture his own cult and put his strength, defeating the boss waiting in the dungeon. This work consists of a part that operates the cult and an action part exploring the dungeon. What attracted attention was the request of a certain believer in the cult‘s operating part.

The guru player can enhance the religion by making a request from a believer. The contents of the request are various, such as I want a specific item and I want you to build a facility. However, the most notable is the request to say, I want you to eat the dishes made of poop. A believer who hesitates, but also describes the conflict in himself in himself. Of course, although this work contains a lot of black descriptions like a cult cult, many players seemed to be a believer who wants poop dishes. On Twitter, Russ Frushtick, a co-founder of overseas game media Polygon, tweeted, This game is not a (peaceful) game like the Animal Crossing series. The players also said, Drive out of the cult, and I just have to sacrifice such believers, and believers who want poop cooking were given a harsh word.

On the other hand, this behavior seems to be understood by experts. Dr. Ashley ConWay, who specializes in research on agriculture and forestry and livestock, responded to this tweet. He explained that the description of believers who wanted poop cuisine is scientifically correct, assuming that Frushtick’s screenshot believers are donkey (or horses).

CONWAY explained that animals such as donkeys, horses, and rabbits may eat their own dung to eat nutrients that could not be absorbed. He stated that it is scientifically correct that donkey (or horses) believers want to eat cuisine made with poop. This is a form that shows his understanding as an expert in the believer who wants poop dishes, who was shunned by players. The believers of this work have various skins in addition to real animals. It should be noted that players can change their believers’s skins, so believers who want a poop dish are not always the believers who have appeared in donkeys and rabbits.

In addition, there is a request from the believers that ask the ethical view of the player, I want certain believers to forcibly eat poop. These believers who eat poops gave a strong impression to the players of this work, and their fan art has already been posted on the Reddit forum.

This work is noticed by the gap between the cute appearance and the black element. Immediately after the start of distribution on August 12, the number of simultaneously connected players in Steam has achieved 60,000 players (related articles).
If there is a believer who wants a poop food while playing, you may need to help without having to hate hair.

CULT OF THE LAMB is distributed to PC (Steam/ Switch/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.

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