How to sacrifice followers in Cult of The Lamb

In any efficient and well directed cult, there must be some sacrifice. Not only of some of your freedoms, but of your followers. In Cult of the Lamb, you finally get the ability to sacrifice members of your dark and twisted cult. Don’t you like a particular follower? sacrifice them. Is anyone causing problems in cult? sacrifice them. If you only like to kill, choose a random member and sacrifice it. You do not know how? Here it is explained how to sacrifice followers in Cult of the Lamb .

How to sacrifice followers in Cult of The Lamb

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The ability to sacrifice followers in Cult of The Lamb unlocked shortly after defeating the second mini-chief, barbatos. You will come into contact with The One Who Waits and will grant you the Sacrifice of the Flesh ability. Once you have that, follow these steps:

* Go to your church and shed at the altar.

When the option is given, choose rituals.

* Select meat sacrifice.

The ability costs x1 follower and 75 bones (without updates). With Cheaper Rituals Divine Inspiration unlocked, the cost is reduced to X1 follower and 37 bones.

* Choose a follower to sacrifice.

Who do you choose depend on some factors. To start, you don’t want dissidents between your flock; They can influence other members. A greater follower about to die will make the cult losing faith rather than being sacrificed (-10 faith for sacrifice,-20 for death). Alternatively, this can also be an opportunity to attract followers with bad features.

Now you can see how your follower becomes a sacrificed lamb, so to speak. In return, you can choose new updates, which is the perfect opportunity to collect Bane Weapons from the beginning. Add poison damage to weapons; It is very useful to have it during the crusades.

Now you should know How to sacrifice followers in Cult of the Lamb . To get more information about Cult of the Lamb, see the tips and tricks of choose for beginners. Then, discover which are the best constructions in Cult of the Lamb.

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