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If you have a bunch of faithful lambs, you must feed them so that they stay nearby. Collecting random edible things is good, but growing your own farm and having stable food supplies is great. In this guide, Cult of the Lamb, we will consider how to unlock, improve and speed up the farm.

Although farming is ordinary mechanics for most games, in Cult of the Lamb it can confuse and make you think about whether you are doing something wrong. Well, don’t worry more; Below we divided the leadership into four useful sections, each of which contains exactly what you need to know.

how to build a farm

To build its own farm in the Cult of the Lamb, the first step will be a conscious search for a farm section in the temple area. You can get the plot after you open the temple and pay one divine inspiration.

As soon as you unlock the farmer, you can go to the workbench, and then go to the Construction menu, where you can choose the Farmer Party in the Food section.

The construction of each site on which you will grow various crops will cost you two coins and five herbs. The location of the patches is completely at your discretion, but we recommend that they have the shape of a rhombus. And that’s why.

When you have a bunch of different cultures, you will need much more help. While you can plant seeds and water them, it may be difficult to keep track of each plant, and they can ultimately die. So, here is the Farming Bundle function.

The Farming package is a function that players can unlock. Unlock entails access to the farmer station and bunker for seeds. These are objects that you get from Farming Bundle, and placing them in the center of your rhomboid farms will allow each site to be near them. The presence of them nearby will help you appoint your followers to complete various tasks.

Farmer Station will help you determine the place where your farm will flourish the most, and will allow your followers to manage the crop. At the same time, the bunker for seeds allows followers to plant excess seeds present in the storage inside the building.

The construction of the farmer station will cost 20 coins and 20 lumber, while the storage of seeds costs 20 gold coins, 10 lumber and 10 stones.

When you have a site and the necessary help, you can plant seeds and interact with them to fertilize the Earth. After a few days of your hard work, the plant will finally ripen, and you can harvest, cook it and feed your worship members.

You can also build an outbuilding and hopper for fertilizers that players can obtain by collecting devotion from your followers. This will help you reduce the time spent on garbage collection that your followers create and turn it into fertilizers, providing you with a stable supply.

With this basic setting, your farm will be in the bustle and turmoil, and you only need to replenish the seeds and harvest when they are ready.

Farm improvements

Now that you have figured out the basics of creating a farm, these are the details of some improvements that you will need for its further development. In addition to the above opportunities, players can also get the following by increasing the level of devotion and cult;

Scarecrow (cult level 2, 4): * This guarantees that birds will not interfere with the growth of your seeds.
The devotion of the crop with a totem/ crop totem (cult level 3): This update will help increase the growth rate of your seeds.
Farmer station 2 (cult level 3): Improvement that allows the ally to harvest for you.
compost (cult level 3): * bunker used to fill with grass to turn it into fertilizers for agricultural crops.
The trap scared (the level of cult 3): * The modernized version of the scarecrow catches birds and turns them into meat.

An increase in the level of the cult requires the passage of five separate dungeons. This may take you about 15-30 hours if you think about the sorem of the whole game.

However, with regard to your devotion, players will need to focus on their followers praying at their central statue. This increases your publicity points, and you quickly get new levels of divine inspiration.

Other ways to obtain devotion points include the creation of graves in the doctrine of sorrow of the fallen, providing followers with good living conditions and increasing their loyalty due to individual interaction.

When you have enough glasses, just interact with the central statue and choose objects that you want to unlock.


how to unlock seeds

As soon as you unlock agriculture and everything will go with the flow, it is time to introduce new plants that give useful crops. At the initial stages, only grass and berries will have only grass and berries as ingredients for cooking.

Although they are better than nothing, you will need to look for more seeds soon enough, since these ingredients will not satisfy the needs of the hunger of your followers.

Players can find various seeds in different crusades, but buying them from a merchant is the best option for quick access. You will find a merchant located to the west of the entrance portals of the Crusade. You can also get seeds by harvesting and visiting different areas.

Below are the seeds that you will find in different areas, playing in Cult of Lamb.

Camellia seeds: * Dark tree
Seeds of mental mushrooms: anura
Pumpkin seed: anura
Color cabbage seeds: * Ankordip
Semen of berries: Dark tree
Beetroot seeds : silk cradle

Players can also get various seeds in special/ordinary dungeons, battles with mini-bosses and when buying from Rakshasa NPC.

how to speed up the height of the farm

To satisfy the hunger of their followers of the cult, players must constantly feed them. For this purpose, the acceleration of farms growth becomes necessary.

You must conduct the crop ritual so that the plants grow faster. Players can unlock it after reaching the third level of wood skills of support doctrine. After use, it makes any planted seeds ripen quickly and prepares them for harvesting.

Moreover, this ritual can be carried out every 2-3 days before and after you unlock the skill of divine inspiration ritual of reloading.

This makes it special and gives the players the maximum return they can receive to increase the crop in the game.

In addition to the ritual, players can use the improvements to the crop of devotion / crop totem, both of which are great to accelerate the growth of the farm.

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