The cult of the Lamb explanation of the differences in complexity

Depending on the level of complexity, creating your own cult and care for heretics can become a problem in the Cult of the Lamb. The game will be complicated depending on the level you have chosen. Depending on your level of skill, you can wonder what difficulty to choose. In this guide for the agant cult, there are all the details that will help you choose the most suitable level of complexity.

Cult of the Lamb of differences in difficulties

Cult of the Lamb offers players of the 4th level of complexity to find out what pressure they want when creating a cult from scratch. Accessible options for complexity:

  • Light

  • Average (recommended by the developer)
  • Hard
  • Very hard

Each level of complexity in Cult of the Lamb is convenient in its own way, so no matter what level of complexity you choose, you will enjoy the game. If you are not familiar with action games or hornies, you should choose the level of complexity that corresponds to your level of comfort and will allow you to enjoy the game.


Beginners will like to play Easy, because he allows them to enjoy the game without worrying about the death or loss of their things. Veterans of action-rogalists should pay attention to Hard and Extra Hard, which are the most complex settings.

How to change the difficulty?

By choosing difficulty, you can also change it. You can choose the level of complexity at the top of the menu. Choose the desired difficulty by choosing this option and scrolling down. You will play on this complexity as soon as you confirm your choice. If you find the game too complicated, turn it off. If this is not difficult enough, turn it on.

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