The original emotional Priston Tail M comes out on September 2

You can now see the classic RPG Prist Tail, which has been in operation since 2002, on mobile.


On the 22nd, Pau Games announced that it has confirmed the release date of mobile MMORPG ‘Priston Tail M’ as September 2. ‘Priston Tail M’ will provide a pleasant game environment based on high-quality graphics using its own engine ‘Ray Engine’ and stable service know-how accumulated.

In addition, the party system, which was very popular in the original, is perfectly implemented, and will be able to quickly experience the game’s fun with rapid matching systems and efficient rewards. In addition, the company plans to recreate the emotions online by implementing a former system that utilizes the characteristics of each job.

Fougames will deliver the first game nostalgia for 3040 generations and Neutt to 1020 generations. Priston Tail M has attracted 1 million people in 10 days of pre-registration with this unique sensibility.

Detailed information of Priston Tail M can be found on the official website.

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