2022 LCK Summer Finals

-In 2018, the first throne has since participated in the LCK under the name of Zenji

-‘V11’ 3-0 win against T1. Proving the first place in the regular league

-Summer finals linked to the eve, Gangneung hot

Zenji defeated the T1, which was aiming for the 11th championship in the final, and won the first LCK in the name of Zenji.

Zenji won 3-0 without giving a set in the 2022 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Finals held at Gangneung Arena, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do on the 28th.

Zenji, who acquired Samsung Galaxy, who won the LOL World Championship in 2017 and participated in the LCK Spring under the name of KSV in 2018, reached the top of the team’s name Zenji.

In the 2020 LCK Spring Finals, he lost 0-3 to T1 and collapsed the LCK Spring Finals in 2021 and collapsed the Damwon Kia 0 to 3 and lost to the LCK Spring T1 in 2022. I lifted the LCK championship cup.

T1’s ‘V11’

Zenji, who set the record of 17-1 in the LCK Summer’s regular league and achieved a set of +30 sets, set a new record of the LCK single split set.

Zenji, who welcomed the T1 in the finals held at Gangneung Arena on the 28th, grown revenge against the defeat of the Spring Finals. In the first set, Jerry of the long-range dealer ‘Ruler’ Park made 16 kills, winning a kill score of 19: 6.

Zenji, who led the T1 to take Jerry in the second set, avoided the confrontation with Jerry as much as possible and focused on the Renekton of T1’s core player ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk.

In the beginning, Zenji, who caught Lee Sang-hyuk twice in a row, changed the target to the bottom of the world and cut off the ‘Kuma Yushi’ Lee Min-hyung. Zenji, who was in the atmosphere, won every time the battle broke out and destroyed the T1’s Nexus in 26 minutes.

Zenji, who was 2-0, attacked Modecaiser, whom T1 took out as a conversion card. Although he gave T1 a First Blood, ‘Peanut’ Han Wang-ho’s god Zao and ‘Doran’ Choi Hyun-joon’s Renekton broke the Modecaiser of ‘Zeus’ Choi. Zenji, who took the dragon in a row and made the T1 tries to fight, won the Baron’s Baron’s battle and confirmed a three-to-0 victory.

Zenji, who won the championship, was given a prize of 200 million won and a winning ring for Tiffany &co, and the ‘Peanut’ Han Wang-ho, who was selected as the final MVP, was given a prize of 5 million won and a bracelet.

First winning power is planned rebuilding

The key to Zenji’s winning is that he recruited the best players and the best leaders. Zenji recruited all players except franchise star Park Jae-hyuk ahead of 2022.

He played the veteran jungle ‘Peanut’ Han Wang-ho, who has been active in the LCK and LPL, and has experienced the world championship as well as the world championship. Choi Hyun-joon, Choi Hyun-joon, has recruited Son Si-woo, a supporter who plays creative play with various champions.

Zenji also rebuilt the coaching staff. He accepted Ko Dong-bin and ‘Mapa’ Won Sang-yeon as coach Ko Dong-bin, who was very active in LCK and won the name ‘legendary jungler’. Ko Dong-bin, who was the first director of the director, was recognized for his leadership by winning the runner-up in Spring and winning the final championship after the first place in the summer regular league.

Ko Dong-bin, who was runner-up more than the winner of the player, became the manager who ‘Buddha’ was ‘Bulbul’ with the honor of winning the first LCK for Choi Hyun-joon, Jung Ji-hoon, Park Jae-hyuk and Son Si-woo.

Gangneung hot lkk summer finals

Since the first LCK tournament in 2012, the finals were mostly in the metropolitan area, and in 2014, Summer and Spring in 2018 were held in Busan. LCK decided to comprehensively review the infrastructure and transportation of Gangneung City, which publicly announced its willingness to attract the finals, and co-host the final.

LCK, who decided to hold the finals at the end of August, at the end of the summer vacation, held the eve on Saturday and held the finals on Sunday for the first time.

The eve, held at the Gangneung Speed Skating Stadium under the name of ‘Fan Festa’, was so popular that 7,500 fans visited the scene on the 27th. Gangneung universities played in LOL, and artworks based on the LOL worldview and LCK-related works were displayed by fans.

Woori Bank and other sponsors set up booths to meet fans, and LCK teams such as KT Rollster, as well as Zenji and T1, participated in the finals, held various events.

The finals held on the 28th at Gangneung Arena were also supported by 10,000 people. Ticket reservations, which were held for two days on July 29 and August 12, were sold out in a moment, attracting attention before the hosting, and the matchup of Zenji and T1 was filled with fans.

Zenji, who became the 2022 LCK Summer Champion, will receive the LCK 1 seed for the LOL World Championship in October and go straight to the group stage in New York.

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