GTFO Development Studio 10 CHAMBERS new work is referred to by Cooperation robbery FPS – Payday developers

Ulf Andersson, a creative director and CEO of 10 Chambers and 2 Payday series, was a game designer of 10 chambers, which developed the high difficulty cooperation horror FPS GTFO, and was an interview with an overseas media NME at Gamescom2022. It has been revealed that the studio’s next work will be a new co-operation robbery FPS.

He acknowledged that he felt that he had something to do in the robbery game genre, and said, I still feel like it’s not complete, I have to face it properly (in this genre). The work is just a game that must be made. Although the new work is based on the co-robbery FPS, the elements of the technos wriller are also incorporated, saying, I was influenced by reading a lot of science fiction books. I am.


Andersson says that the next game of 10 Chambers is probably very different from Payday, and it will not be a constant shooting Payday has increased too much action. I had a big problem. He also explains that future games are designed to be easier to play than GTFO, and states that hard-core ones are not included.

For other cooperative play titles, Taking Left 4 Dead as an example, it is good to have a dramatic game experience, but just because the player just happened to be present in that scene, whatever of his own actions were affected. It doesn’t seem to be given. Our games don’t want to do so. GTFO is exactly the aim of it.

The name and release date have not yet been decided, and I do not have any name because there is a possibility of changing I want to avoid excessive promises and deadlines, so I have not decided on the release date, but now I have not decided. He is proceeding quite rapidly during production.

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