How to quickly make coins in Madden 23 Ultimate Team

Madden 23 Ultimate Team offers more ways to play and earn awards. Adding field gaps and weekly tests allows players to earn player maps and currency in new ways. MUT coins are a currency used for purchases in a store, such as sets, cosmetics and players. Here’s how to quickly earn MUT coins in Madden 23.

Monet Management Madden 23 Ultimate Team

MUT coins can be earned by playing various modes of the game in Ultimate Team. In most games, you will earn coins, which can then be spent in the store for reward. There are several modes of the game that will bring you more coins than others, but you will still earn a lot of coins, just playing.


Tests are added every week, but each of them has different awards and tasks that need to be completed. Currently, the best way to earn coins is to complete the Headliners Challenge tasks, for each of which you can get up to 500 coins. Many of these tests are not full-fledged games, so you can quickly earn coins. For completing tasks at a mild level, 100 coins are given, at the usual one 200, on the complex-300. There are also two bonus goals for the test, for each of which 100 coins are also rewarded. Coins of difficulties do not add up, so you can earn up to 300 coins for passing every complexity.


The upcoming tests, such as the tests of headliners, are likely to have the same structure, but do not forget to check the Ultimate Team tests to find out which awards can be obtained. Another challenge, for which a lot of coins are currently being rewarded, is an All-Madden Ultimate Team call. In them you will encounter the All-Star team, which is trained by John Madden, in a series of tests, and you can earn up to 1000 coins by completing them.

Field passes

Field pass is probably the fastest way to earn coins, because you will earn XP in the modes of the MUT game for the main programs. Programs have several levels with awards in the amount of 1000-10,000 coins, so follow new programs and rewards for levels in Ultimate Team. Limited programs are produced more often and will contain dynamic tasks that must be performed for more progress in programs. These programs will also present unique players’ cards as a reward that can be useful for your line or resale in the market.

Bonuses for input

Although you can receive entrance bonuses only once a day, they can still bring coins quite often. All you need to do is enter Madden 23 Ultimate Team and get your daily entrance bonus. This is not the fastest way to get coins, but in tandem with Field Passes and various modes of the game in MUT you can pick up coins in a short time.

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