NBA 2K23 players with the highest rating

In the NBA, the team can succeed only if she has a star. But if you have a superstar, you have a legitimate chance for the title! Since the NBA 2K23 is a real basketball simulator, the same applies to this game. To have the best chances of reaching the top, you need not a star, but a superstar, but such units. No matter what game mode you like the most, your team should have the best NBA 2K23 players.

10 best players NBA 2K23 according to rating

Judging by the list of the 10 best NBA players in the NBA 2K23, the race of the most valuable players will look the same as last year. Although Luke Dončić is not included in the top five, do not sleep on it, since his ratings will definitely grow during the season. The same can be said about Embed, if he is healthy. Of course, it is expected that the last two MVP, Greek Freak and Joker will dominate throughout the season.

  1. Yanis Adetokumbo (C/PF, Milo BAX)-97
  2. Nikola Yogic (K, Denver Nuggets)-96
  3. Kevin Durant (PF/SF, Brooklyn Nets)-96

  1. Joel Embed (K, Philadelphia Seventh Mixers)-96
  2. Stephen Curry (PG/SG, Golden STATE ARRIVES)-96
  3. LeBron James (SF/PG, Los Angeles Lakers)-96
  4. Luka Dončić (PG/SF, Dallas Merits)-95
  5. Kauai Leonard (SF/PF, Los Angeles Clippers)-94
  6. Jason Tatum (SF/PF, Boston Celtics)-93
  7. Jimmy Butler (SF/PF, Miami Hit)-93

The most underestimated players in NBA 2K23

Several players had a surprisingly low NBA 2K23 rating. There are several players who had perfect seasons, but the game developers met them coldly. These are players who can count on an increase in the ranking if they repeat the success of last season or simply remain healthy and realize their potential.

* Devin Bouquet (SG/PG Phoenix Suns)-91
* Anthony Davis (PF/C, Los Angeles Lakers)-90
* Dear German (SF/PF, Chicago Bulls)-89
* Paul George (SG/SF, Los Angeles Clippers)-88
* Rayon Williamson (PF/C, New Orleans Pelicans)-87
* Jamal Murray (PG/SG, Denver Nuggets)-84

The rating of the NBA 2K23 players is also divided into such categories as a list of the best 3 points of shooters, the best beginners and the best Bunker. Depending on which NBA 2K23 mode you play, these ratings can be of great importance for you. Keep in mind that player ratings will change during the season, depending on their successes in the NBA regular games.

To obtain additional information about the NBA 2K23, check out the Best Shooting Badges icons in the NBA 2K23 and the requirements for contact Lanka in the NBA 2K23 in the game manuals for professionals.

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