Global Game Show on Corona Endowmic… G -Star 2022 Focus on attention

[ Moon Byung-soo] As the Corona 19 Pandemics, global game exhibitions, which have not been held in the past, have been successfully closed, and the expectation for G-Star 2022 in Susan at the end of the year is increasing. It is an event that is normalized in three years, and famous game companies that represent Korea are expected to achieve the size of all generations.

According to the game industry on the 19th, Japan’s Tokyo Game Show, followed by the German Game Com, was offline to finish the schedule. In the meantime, global game exhibitions, which were held online or reduced offline events due to concerns about the spread of Corona 19, have been normalized.

The Games com 2022, which was held in Cologne Jesse, Germany from August 24 to 28, was close to the 2019 Games com (1,153 participants, 373,000 visitors), which was the largest ever, with 1,100 companies from 53 global countries. It was shown to have achieved results. There were 265,000 visitors from the event for four days, and about 25,000 trade visitors. The online exhibition platform ‘Game SOMA’ achieved a total of 130 million views, and the biggest additional event ‘ON (Opening Night Live)’ online live broadcasts were connected to 12 million people.

Many Korean game companies also participated in Game Com. Neo wiz, who won three crowns of the Games com Awards with ‘false of P’, was exhibited by Nixon Korea, Line Games, and Craft T1. The Korea Creative Content Agency also opened the Korean Pavilion to introduce a number of Korean games to the local area.

The Tokyo Game Show was held in Madurai Jesse, Tokyo, Japan from the 15th to the 18th. It was open only online with 19 coronas. This year, it was held offline in three years. As a result, the size of the event also increased. Last year, there were only 339 participants last year, but more than 600 global game companies participated this year. In Korea, major game companies, including Nixon and Net marble, participated in the local and exhibited new works.

As the overseas game exhibitions, which have been switched offline, are closed successfully, the expectation for G-Star 2022, which will be held in BEX CO, Susan for four days from November 17 to 20, is also increasing. In fact, the G-Star Organizing Committee released the main sponsor and major participant information in July, which was unusually fast. It is a passage to confirm interest in G-Star.

This year, G-Star will include Remade, the main sponsor, and BTC (Ghanada-sun), Neo wiz, Nixon Korea, Net marble, Red Brick, Sandbox Network, Eulogy World, Aka Games, Craft Tone, and Hobo Bus. BTB has confirmed the participation of the Gyeonggi Contents Agency, Nixon Korea, Aka Games, Tic Talk Korea, and Haney Washing Center.

Major entries are also being released one after another. Neo wiz, who was noted for the three crowns of the Games com Awards, plans to prepare a false demonstration space for anticipated works with 100 booths including outdoor plaza. The main sponsor, Remade, will set up a 200 booth exhibition hall and will showcase ‘Night Crow’ and ‘Legend of Image’ for the first time. Nixon, which participates in a 300 booth, is also expected to exhibit various new works, and Net marble, Craft ton, and Aka Games are also introducing major entries.

An official in the game industry said, In the meantime, Korean games have not been met with users in the meantime, but Korean games are receiving good reviews at overseas exhibitions held offline this year. There is.

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