Viscera and demons: Chainsaw Mans final trailer confirms it the anime of the year

Demons or human, On what side are you? Blood, viscera and colossal monsters. Action without major pretensions and characters of unfolding design. The series will premiere On October 11 in Crunchyroll , its first seon will compose 12 episodes and h been carried out by the Zappa animation study (those responsible for SINGER no Kaolin **).

with the manga, already in its second part and with more than 100 chapters, Chainsaw Man will premiere every Tuesday coming , so marry them in your calendars and do not eat if you are sensitive stomach.

W Chainsaw Man worth?


To put you in context, currently Chainsaw Man is the most read of manga plus , where he competes with industry giants such One Piece or Dragon Ball Super. The tragic story of Benji and his demonic dog, Wichita , h caught millions of people around the world, largely thanks to their lack of claims… and scruples. In vain with a crazy character whose best example is the protagonist: A young man with chainsaws by arms and head **.

Recently we chose Chainsaw Man one of the 5 sleeves that you must read this summer and are perfect for vacations, and in 2021 it w also selected the best Shōnen of the Barcelona manga hall . Composed of 11 volumes or volumes so far, Fujiko’s work is a refreshing cocktail and jokes. An adventure full of surprises and adrenaline that you will regret not having read when the anime is releed, because it will be put in everyone’s lips and the spoilers will rain. It even h one of the 25 best plot arches in history. Chainsaw Man is a yes like a big chainsaw .

You’ve never seen anything so bloody

Zappa h promised not to censor anything of Chainsaw Man’s manga and any reader of the same will imagine how complicated the negotiation with the chains and television platforms must be. Fujiko’s work is an action, blood and unprecedented viscera for whose adaptation the avengers of the world of anime have been summoned to . An All-Stars team composed of the following names:

  • Director: BYU Okayama (Jujitsu Kaiser)
  • Screenwriter: Hiroshi Seiko (Mob Psycho 100, Jujitsu Kaiser)
  • Character design: Kazakh Fujiyama (Mistake Tense: Jobless Reincarnation)
  • Animation Director: Satsuma Yoshihide (Black Clover)
  • Devil Design: Kiyosaki Oshawa (Flip Flappers, Space Dandy)
  • Funds Artistic Director: Yusuf Takeda (Vinland Saga, Jujitsu Kaiser)
  • Responsible for color: Naomi Navajo (Sword Art Online: Elicitation)
  • Screen Design: Yoke Miyazawa (Mobile Suit Gun dam: Iron-Blooded Orphans)
  • Music: Ensure Ship (A Silent Voice, Devil man Crybaby)
  • Producer: Keisukeshimo (Jujitsu Kaiser)

See you on October 11, Chainsaw Man!

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