Steamed Gat, Mobile RPGGat Three Kingdoms 21 days official service

Global Game Publisher ‘Ice bird Games’ is a mobile RPG anticipated’ At Seymour ‘, which is a Three Kingdoms game’ Steamed Restaurant ‘,’ Google Play Store ‘,’ Apple App Store ‘,’ One Store ‘,’ Galaxy Store The company started its official service at 10:00 today through major app markets and PC versions.

At Seymour, which has been officially launched today, is the official next film of the steamed triangle, which was introduced in 2020 in the Ice bird Games, and wrote the story of the popular dramas ‘Fungi Loyang’ and ‘Gang An-Yijin’. The composer Kobayashi Shiner, famous for ‘Ghost of Sushi’, is an RPG project that depicts the Three Kingdoms worldview, the stage of the game.

The actor Lee Jungle is a public relations model and brand ambassador, and the user starts with the ‘Hwang-gun’s egg’ and the wired and Job rule each country. You can experience a new Three Kingdoms World, which is depicted from the end of the two generations of historical worldviews and famous heroes.

In particular, along with the famous heroes of the Three Kingdoms, the second generation hero Ho girl, a descendant of heroes, also appears. The daughter of the follicle, the female daughter, the Gdansk, the daughter of the equipment, Gang Sung-chae, the younger sister ‘Main Rock’, and the literary, music, and the documentary law. Female hero characters with superior stats such as ‘Chase Mooney’ will continue to be updated.

In addition, Jean Byung-soo, the voice protagonist in the squid game, participates in the in-game dubbing of the in-game dubbing of ‘Mahler’, the younger sister of the Tutorial and the Chongdae-gun General ‘Macho’ and the main character in the story progression. The game company explained that he was paying attention.

An Ice bird Games official said, We have a variety of characteristics that will be attracted to users in the third country’s lineup in the second half of the year, so we dare to be considered as ‘Three Kingdoms Most Expectation’. It can be accessible, and BM is also designed to easily recruit the desired weapons using unlimited draws. With this confidence in the game, luxury actor Lee Jungle is recruited as a brand ambassador, and he is planning a variety of activities to inform the game through advertising and various channels. I would like to ask for a lot of expectations and attention in the future.

Meanwhile, the details, progress events, and the community related to the community are available through the official Café of God Three Kingdoms.

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