Archerands Arkland, Tester Recruitment

Long Games will begin recruiting CBT participants in Parkland, which is developed by the company and is scheduled to service.

CBT of Parkland, scheduled for October 12th, can participate in both Android OS users and iOS users. If you want to participate, you can click on ‘Apply for CBT Qualification’, which can be found on the official site from September 22 to October 7.

Auckland is the next SRPG’s next film by the crew of the Long Games ‘Languish’ in four years.

The princess of the sanctuary, who suffered the pain of Yong Lin’s disease, covered with a dragon’s scales, and was sentenced to time limit, and was sentenced to time limit. The journey of adventure is held. Her user becomes a stranger who has been awake by ‘A Via’ and travels to the Change continent with her, fighting with her colleague she met on her trip to regain her lost memory.

Based on the core play of ‘Lang Grit’, ‘Parkland’ has greatly upgraded the quality with the cartoon rendering 3D graphics. In addition, the freely shifted time to bring users with high immersion and impact.

In addition, users who are familiar with SRPG contain the authentic strategic play of RPGs using attribute and terrain elements, and the system has been lighter. The developer explains that new users can easily adapt to the system and experience the pleasure of strategic play with existing users. In addition, ‘Auckland’ has placed numerous subquests through various branch story plots so that users can play the game in various ways.

Developed with the aim of differentiated visuals and players, Parkland is a world-renowned game composer, Shim MRI Yoko, and dubs famous works such as Naruto and Bleach. Full dubbing was entrusted to the domestic luxury voice actor.

For more information about the Parkland CBT participants and CBT, please visit the official site.

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