Disney Dreamlight Valley: Tips & Tricks to get started

In our tips guide to Disney Dream light Valley you can find out:

  • How you increase your endurance
  • How your friendships builds up with your neighbors
  • What roles there are and what they bring you
  • How you enlarge your backpack
  • Why you should set up a cloud account

Disney Dream light Valley is a life simulation in which you have to rebuild a magical Disney village. So that you can do this, we have summarized the best tips and tricks for you here.

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sets up a cloud security

Create an account and connect it to the cloud service in the main menu before starting a new game. On the one hand, you can continue playing on any platform, on the other hand you can create several memory stalls. In addition, your score will be saved online and is certain if the data is corrupted on your hard drive.

rip off while cooking

Find out and cooking of dishes ** plays an important role in Dream light Valley. You can either give away the dishes to your friends or eat yourself and thereby restore perseverance. Many recipes get their as rewards for completing quests, but you can also discover them yourself when cooking.

Combines different ingredients to unlock new recipes. There are more than 100 dishes ** in total. In the menu under the tab Samuel> ingredients you will show in which area you will find which resources.

In the linked guides, we will tell you which ingredients you need for the ratatouille recipe and the banana cake.

maintains friendships with the villagers

Each character has a friendship level that ranges from 1 to 10. Every time the friendship level increases, you get various items such as new clothes as a reward.

Some storymisions are only unlocked if you have reached a certain friendship level with a certain villager. However, the main prizes of friendships are cosmetic items and furniture for your house .

In our character guide to Disney Dream light Valley you will find out which well-known Disney heroes and guys await you in the game.


How do I increase the friendship level?

You increase the friendship level by interacting and talking to the characters every day. Many points bring you gifts . Every resident wants a total of three different items every day, who bring a particularly large number of points for the friendship level-you can see which they are when you talk to them.

Mostly, the wishes are ingredients, resources or complete dishes. Remember that the desired gifts change every day.

You also increase the friendship level if you depend on with the characters **.

plays the story emissions

In the course of the game, you will also travel to further dimensions of Disney films such as Vienna or Wall-E. You should play these missions as soon as possible because you get upgrades for your tools like the shovel or pick-up hoe.

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In addition, the characters move out of these worlds after completing the missions in your village . And new characters mean new friendships, which in turn bring you new items.

expand your backpack

At first, you can only wear 21 items. The small backpack will soon burst at the seams in the numerous objects, which is why a backpack upgrade is worthwhile. An upgrade brings you also seven slots and can be bought for a few star coins. You can buy a total of seven slots.

Which roles should I assign to my friends?

As soon as your friendship level 2 reaches with a friend, you can assign roles to him. These are passive buffs for a certain activity. So that the buff works, you have to hang out with the character while you pursue the activity. The following roles are:

Gardening *: You get more fruits and vegetables with your companion.
Fishing : Your companion catches more fish while fishing.
Mining : You reduce more resources.
Collect *: You will find a higher number of objects that are lying around in the game world.
Graben *: You will find more objects when digging out.

Distribute a different role ** to each character so that you can make use of the buffs as broadly as possible. Which character she assigns what role is not important. It makes no difference whether your Goofy or Robert Duck assigns gardening.

How do I increase my perseverance?

All forms of work require endurance. Even removing night horns consumes energy. Through food, you can gain some perseverance again **. If you want to charge the bar quickly and completely, you have to go to your house for a short moment.

You can overload the endurance bar by eating energy-rich feed . You get this in the Rémy restaurant of the rat, or you cook it yourself as soon as you have the recipe and the ingredients. In this case, your bar will be filled a second time-this time in a golden color.

In the long term you increase your endurance by getting in the character level . This happens when you collect enough points. For this, too, it is advisable to play the story missions.

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