Approximately 60 pieces are added to Nintendo Switch sales. Highly rated from crazy rhythm action to Sunday morning anime style action.

On September 24, a new sale for Nintendo Switch has started at Nintendo E Shop. This article introduces some of the hottest titles from about 60, including titles that have recently started sales.

First, let’s look at the title that updated the lowest price.

Fur: Changing Tide
・ A marine adventure game set in a world where the civilization has collapsed due to floods. He sails while managing the base ship, explores the land he visited, and gains resources. Find a new home to go on a journey.
1540 yen/30 % off (store page)

・ A time loop adventure game set in a certain high school. This school is destined to be destroyed three days later, and will participate in club activities and repeat three days to meet strange students and staff, searching for black curtains that are leaning in the school.
920 yen/50 % off tax (store page)

Paradise Killer
・ An open world murder mystery game set on an island that is played every thousand of years. In response to a murder case, he challenged an investigation on the island. Interpret facts from the evidence and testimony collected, derive your own truth, and accuse those who think they were the culprit.
1250 yen/50 % off tax (store page)

Kokomo Clover Season 1
・ Action adventure game on the theme of Japanese Sunday morning anime. Includes all 12 excitement, a tropic tree, in which she adventures with her friends to know her secrets. Boss rush mode is also available.
1683 yen/15 % off (store page)

Deadliest Catch-Ocean Boat Driving & Fishing 2022 Simulator
・ The game version of the Discover Channel documentary program Bering Sea Manipulate fishing boats in the raging Alaska sea and crab fishing while using various prepared facilities. It is not compatible with Japanese display.
299 yen/85 % off tax (store page)

Next, we will introduce some titles that have been cheaper to the same price so far.

Liar Princess and Blind Prince
-A action adventure game featuring a wolf monster with the power to transform into a girl and a blind prince. Use the variant wolf and the girl, sometimes solve the mystery in cooperation with the prince, and aim for a witch in the back of the forest.
3064 yen/30 % off (store page)

・ The rhythm game and horizontal scrolling action game are the main character of the rat that has revived from death. Aiming for revenge on humans who conduct animal experiments, action according to the rhythm of the song. Run through the stage where a variety of gimmicks are waiting.
5374 yen/30 % off tax (store page)

・ A taxi driver in the near future city. In touching the passengers of the passengers, the hero’s emotions, the evaluation as a driver, and the balance of rewards are controlled. He explores the secrets of the city dominated by technology and the whereabouts of his best friend involved in some incidents.
410 yen/80 % off tax (store page)

・ An adventure game that investigates the alien seabed. As an AI mounted in a diving suit, the protagonist explores the information of the partner who has disappeared by collecting a sample of a living body on the sea floor, which develops its own ecosystem, setting routes, scanning the surrounding environment, etc. Give help.
608 yen/60 % off tax (store page)


・ Multiplayer for play with up to 8 players ・ Physical party game. With the frustrating Gunyagunya character, you can enjoy a brawl on the stage where the trap is located, and the cooperative play to fight the gangs.
1499 yen/40 % off (store page)

Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition
・ Dinosaur theme park management simulation game based on the movie Jurassic series. While undertaking goals from each of the operations, we will research dinosaur from the construction of the facilities, the welcome customers who will be greeted, and the management of dangerous dinosaurs will be managed.
2624 yen/65 % off tax (store page)

In this sale, the following titles are also cheaper.

・ A time loop search adventure game featuring Hobart, a second-year junior high school girl. In a situation where only one surviving girl is released, Hobart uses her ability to rewind her time to investigate her culprit. She aims to escape with everyone.
5374 yen/30 % off tax (store page)

Galleria’s Underground Labyrinth and Witch Non Brigade
・ RPG that challenges the mysterious underground labyrinth. Leading magical creatures created by the witch and fighting using their characteristics and skills. A total of up to 40 parties can be organized.
4604 yen/30 % off tax (store page)

What the golf?
・ A golf game that looks like a golf and is not golf. If you take a shot, you don’t know what will happen until you take a shot, such as a golfer flying or a cup hole. A humor of humor that makes you think, What is golf?
1230 yen/40 % off (store page)

・ A familiar alien wolf game. While the trailer gets into the crew of the spaceship, he does the designated mission, and he can do a good deal of traitor and expelled or tricks the crew. Mostly, collaboration skin with Hold Live was distributed.
390 yen/25 % off tax (store page)

At the Nintendo E Shop, many titles are on sale besides those listed here. The end date varies depending on the title, so please check each store page for details.

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