[Picture diary of Teru Kazu Yoshida] Life RPG Re: LEGEND Trying to enjoy the slow life, but runs into a profit and turn into a trader.

This time, 505 GAMES is released and Magnus Games Studio is developing PC software Re: LEGEND . This work is a slow life game in which the hero who has lost his memory runs a leisurely farm. In addition to agriculture, fishing, fish aquaculture and craft, there are also action RPG elements that explore dungeons and fight monsters.

My job is remote work, so people often say that if the net is connected, you can work even if you move to the countryside! I myself want to move to a place full of nature someday…

This is impossible.

Can you use the farm for free? Such a good story…

First, the character making of the main character. Select the pre-prepared parts, such as gender and hairstyle, eyes, clothes, and skin color.

Well, there are few parts. And there is no Mohawk!

As a result, I decided on the appearance of the four white eyes with short hair. The name is Uncle as usual. Because I’m an uncle.

After the character making, the opening movie started.

So, the uncle who made his best has been pushed down from the cliff to the sea! **

The uncle loses his memory due to the fall, but flows to the coast of a town called Vodka Town and survives.

She was the mayor, and she had a vacant house with a farm to live for free.

The mayor says, It’s full of weeds, but you’ll be able to use it if you clean it up, but you’re not going to kick out as soon as you rebuild the farm cleanly? **

I don’t believe in the countryside!

Please pay a rent because you pay the rent!

And that night… Unidentified soul, that is, ghost appeared on the bedside!

Look, it’s a translated ant property!

Slow life trick is to send a slow life!

Delivered overnight in a translated ant property, and the slow life starts in earnest today.

First, remove the weeds and stones on the farm to create a field.

Weeds and small stones can be removed simply by picking them up, but large stones must be beaten multiple times with a hammer. The stones and old logs you picked up are probably used for some kind of material.

If you cultivate the ground farms, plant seeds, and spray water, you can harvest crops a few days later. And if you put it in the shipping box, you will get the money the next day. If you have played the Ranch Story series, it will be a familiar system.

If you buy a new seed with the money you make and expand the field, it will eventually become a big farm, but now I will not expand the field anymore.

I have played various ranch management and slow life games, but when I try to spread it from the beginning, I tend to get tired and get tired early.

In order to keep it for a long time, it is just right to sleep at 11 am and finish the day.

Even so, the routine of the day scatters water in the field, and it is a bit unpleasant at the end. Would you like to explore the town a little?

In the town, there are shops that handle tool shops, cafeteria, ore and wood.

Residents in the town increase friendship by talking and giving gifts. When you get along, you’ll be able to get married, but I can’t afford to go to bed early.

Let’s interact with the residents of the town after a little more farm life. Is it about next year or again next year?

Yes, you can fish on the beach outside the town. You can cook the fish you catch and store in the farm pond.

The town was almost looked around, and would you go outside and fight the enemy?

The uncle, the protagonist, has four types of weapons: twin swords, large swords, bow, and wand. Bow and wand are long-range weapons, and twin swords and large swords are short-range weapons.

However, the twin swords made a mistake in the operation and gave it to the mayor, and I couldn’t understand how it was.

Well, I was pleased…

Changes quickly into a friend who can rely on strong Magnus!

When you get out of the town, a monster called Magnus attacks. Various types of seals, such as puffs that look like a seal, and Orion, whose body is made of ore, will appear.

I repeat hits and away to defeat Agnes. Agnes emits light just before the attack, so it’s easy to avoid it.

Using the points that can be obtained at the time of level up, we will enhance the characters by raising parameters such as power, endurance, concentration, and intelligence.

After all, if you raise it, it will be the power to destroy the enemy!

There are multiple magnitude Magnus in one area, so if you are squirming, you will be surrounded and bumpy. In such a case, the existence of a friend is useful. In this work, you can use Magnus, which appears as an enemy, as a friend.

First, you have to give Magnus’s favorite and ride on your back and calm down…

A mini-game that endures not to be shaken begins. It’s okay! I’m not scared hear hear!

My favorite foods are different for each magnitude, so no Magnus can be a friend immediately. This time, as part of the tutorial, Draconian became a friend.

This is not necessary to give instructions, so it will fight without permission, so please do your best as a decoy!

Slow life is a trader life! Make money with craft

It seems good to stay on the farm and live a slow life, but there are elements that are released by proceeding with the story. Will you raise your heavy waist soon?

Let’s go out a little, not just around the town.

There are mining spots in the cave, and materials such as copper and iron ore can be mined.

AKO’s opponent is left to his fellow Magnus, and I concentrate on mining.

And the boss is waiting for the cave. Magnus, who was struggling with AKO’s enemy, would not be easy if the boss was the opponent.

With Magnus a wall, I was a strategy to attack chinchilla from a safe long distance, but Magnus was quickly defeated, and his uncle was instantly killed.

Um, this needs to increase the strength.

Magnus can evolve in two stages by clearing specific conditions. In the case of a friend’s Draco Note, it seems that it evolves when iron ore is given with level 15.

That’s strange… The level is enough, and it will not evolve even though I gave iron ore.

Apparently, the status of affection was not enough. Do you need your uncle’s affection?

I gave me iron ore more than I needed, but I don’t hate me…

And the Draconian has evolved safely, and new friends have joined!

Next is the equipment review.

It seems that you need to craft yourself because the equipment is not sold.

If you prepare the equipment of the same system, a bonus will be added to the status, so it is better to make it together.

To do a craft, you need to play a mini-game that presses the button at the right time. It’s not difficult, so you won’t fail first.

Oh, the craft level has risen! Indeed, will the number of things that can craft increase as the level goes up? Let’s make more and more!

It is a by-product of raising the craft level, and there are a lot of unused equipment, so if you put it in the shipping box… it will sell very expensive! **

This seems to be more efficient than crops… Okay!

Oh, this is not a slow life but a trader life.

I play for about 40 hours at the time of writing, but I haven’t cleared it yet because I am aiming to use all Magnus. If you put your hands on various elements from the beginning, you will get tired as soon as possible, so this time I am enjoying the slow life and enjoying it leisurely.

In addition to the craft level introduced in the article, there are skill levels in various weapons, agricultural tools, meals, sleep, etc. If you take any action, the skill level related to it will rise steadily, so I was happy to be praised.

Yes, this work supports online multiplayer by up to four players, so it seems fun to adventure with friends!

However, there are some dissatisfaction points. This work does not have the sort function of the item, so I had a hard time finding a bag or storage. In addition, there were many bugs, and the road screen did not end or became unable to operate.

The game system is close to a series such as Ranch Story and Rune Factory. If you have played these works, you will be familiar!

’Re: LEGEND is being distributed to PCs.

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