[Review] Ramover, just one click ~ Essen Core Cleb DDR4

Forcibly speeding up to improve PC performance is called overclocking, and these overclocking hardware are CPUs, graphics cards and RAMs.

The most familiar thing is by far the CPU, and VGA has many users who overclock the appropriate clock and voltage through under burning. In recent years, however, the CPU and VGA have faded a lot of merits of performance improvement due to overclocking due to the rapid development of boost clocks that operate automatically with high clocks without overclocking.

In addition, CPUs currently in distribution have more than a certain level of performance. In other words, as the memory overclock has improved the game frame, the trend of the overclock has moved to memory.

However, I want to do RAM overclocking to improve this performance, and there are overflowing information about it, but it is true that it is far from approaching. This is because it is necessary to invest a lot of time and effort to stabilize. In addition, the yield of the memory itself varies greatly, so the characteristics of bokbulbok, which are difficult to reach the target clock, are also strong.

Without this cumbersome process, a memory manufacturer is selling a variety of tuning memory that can improve performance with one click on BIOS. It is manufactured using a memory module with a number of stabilization tests, so it can be easily used without any stabilization.

This product is the Essen core Kiev DDR4-4000 CL19 CRASH XR RGB (8 GB) tuning memory. It is the product that is famous for the CF advertisement for Would you like to take some light?

In the case of the ESSENCE KIEV DDR4-3600 CRASH X RGB, which had been previously discussed before, the polygon design was applied from the simple LED bar on the top of the heat sink, and the case of Essen core Kiev DDR4-4000 CL19 CRASH XR RGB (8 GB) It is a product with a round ring-shaped LED bar outside. In XR, R means ROUND, and the naming product line of XR is all in this ring-type product.

ESSENCE KIEV DDR4-4000 CL19 CRASH XR RGB (8 GB) is set to 4000 MHz and RAM Timing is set at CL19 and the voltage is 1.4V. Usually, 4000 MHz is based on a Pollock that requires yield in the system. Whether it’s AMD or Intel, it’s easy to enter or set it up at all. This time, I would like to focus on whether 4000MHz in the AMD system, which was considered as a clock, will be entered.

■ Package configuration

■ Product appearance and motherboard mounted


Essen core Kiev DDR4-3600 CL18 CRASH X RGB package (16 GB (8GX2)) was maximized using heat sinks made of pure aluminum. The unique oval top RGB LED bar is applied, and it may be a great product for users who want to set the PC system with RGB tuning with gorgeous LEDs.

In the case of the Essence KIEV DDR4-3600 CL18 CRASH X RGB, which was previously seen, the height of the LED bar applied at the top was quite high, so if you had to check the interference with the CPU cooler, Essen core Kiev DDR4-4000 CL19 CRASH XR RGB (8 GB) The LED bar, which is lower than that, is applied to the interference, which is a bit more free to interference.

■ LED lighting effect

These are the LED effect images in the default state connected to the motherboard. In the default state, various colors, such as images, provide the effect of flowing along the round LED bar in the form of a round type.

▲ ASUS AURA SYNC Software LED Change Video

■ X.M.P. Settings and stabilization

In the case of the 5700X CPU, all the products are B2 stopping, so the memory controller is an improved version. There are a lot of criticism that it will be easy to enter up to 4200MHz, but I was curious before the test would surpass 3800 MHz, which was the wall of the horse until 4000MHz. The specifications of the system and the product that conducted the memory test are as follows.

◈ Test PC specification organization

CPU | AMD Ryzen 7-4 Generation 5700X (Vermeer)
Cooler | 3RSYS R600 All-in-one (White)
Motherboard | ASUS DOG STRIP X570-F Gaming
VGA | ASUS DOG STRIP Radon RX 6750 at O12G OC D6 12 GB
RAM | Essen core Kiev DDR4-4000 CL19 CRASH XR RGB (8 GB) X2 16 GB
Storage device | ANY XLR8 CS3140 GEN4 M.2 NVMe (1 TB)
Case | Toured DOMA-PRO PCI Open Case

Essen core Kiev DDR4-4000 CL19 CRASH XR RGB (8 GB) has a D-DIE module of SK Unix, which has the same high overclock margin as the BOLT product line. In the case of 4000 MHz, it can be seen that the 1.4V voltage is set at 19-25-25-45 RAM Timing.

In the case of AMD, it is necessary to synchronize the Infinity Fabric / Infinite Fabric 1-to-1. In the menu below, there is Memory Frequency, and the clock is found and set up.

I tested for 1 hour and 40 minutes on a 15-cycle, but it was completed without any errors. I played the game, but it went well without errors. Until October last year, 3800MHz was known as a wall of the AMD system, so 3733MHz was known as a Sweet Spot. Perhaps it was not that it was easy to say that 4200MHz would be easy.

■ Finish

So far, we have looked at the Essen core Kiev DDR4-4000 CL19 CRASH XR RGB (8 GB) memory.

As mentioned earlier, the trend of PC performance improvement (overclock) is a RAM overclock rather than a CPU overclock. One of the reasons for this trend is that the newly released CPUs support automatic overclocking or the boost clock bursts high and manually overclock.

However, in the case of memory overclock, the yield varies depending on the product, and the clock, RAM timing and voltage must be set to stabilize time and effort to stabilize. Tuning memory, which can simply improve performance with one click to be free from these time and effort investment, is attracting more attention than ever before.

ESSENCE KIEV DDR4-4000 CL19 CRASH XR RGB (8 GB) is a product that can easily overclock with one click. It is a product that is not a typical LED bar design, but a round ring type LED bar is applied to a luxurious and colorful tuning product. It can be completely compatible with the SYNC function to sync with several devices to maximize the tuning.

Furthermore, it is a 4000 MHz high clock that is a memory that can be the best choice with a low price for users who want to configure the system with stable and high performance in the high-end system.

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