What did you think of Super Mario Bross first trailer to fans?

Today it was historic for fans of Nintendo , since the first trailer of Super Mario Bros were released. The film , and although everything was uncertainty in terms of animation, it seems that the result was favorable. And it is that on the Internet many agree that is what was initially sought, leaving their respective opinion.

Here are some:

I can’t believe I am saying this… but #Mariomovie looks very good.

Oh my God, I saw the trailer of Mario’s movie, and it’s incredibly good

Mario’s movie looks fun. Much better than I thought it was going to be

Why does Mario’s movie look so good?

Friend, Bowler looks sick in Mario Movie’s trailer, that’s my boy

I can’t believe that he is saying this, that Mario’s trailer looked pretty well. Jack Black Bowler is not something that has realized that he wanted. But yes, give me more, please.


… and make sure that at least one Toad in the movie has the classic voice. I’ll be sad if not.

Remember that Super Mario Bros. The film premieres on March 30, 2023 .

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