LOL: Can you play with command? With this champion it is even possible to win rankeds

Playing League of Legends from almost anywhere has become a reality for more than a year thanks to Wild Rift. The mobile version of the Mob by Riot Games is a resounding success and what the players who longed to play the title from your bed, the bathroom or in the courtyard of the institute needed. However, there is a way to play the purest galaxy brain that has left us completely crazy: Play League of Legends original from Steam Deck.

This is how many players can enjoy the ** true experience of LOL from almost anywhere with a good internet. That this strange but fun combination has tried and has solved one of the great questions we have in our head when we see this: is it comfortable to play League of Legends from Steam Deck?

League of Legends in Steam Deck: Is it truly comfortable?

The million-dollar question about Lol in Steam Deck has a clear answer, according to this content creator: The experience of playing in this console is not the best, but neither does something terrible either. He explains that obviously playing with command is another world instead of keyboard and mouse, but that thanks to everything that this portable console offers, playing is not as annoying as it seems. Obviously, if you want to play qualifiers from Steam Deck you have cleared it, since the difference between you and your rivals is abysmal… except with a champion.

We are indeed talked about Yuri , which thanks to its skills kit and way of playing so passive and basic is totally controllable for ranked from Steam Deck . However, for almost any other champion (especially those who must succeed the skills), everything will become uphill. As he tells us, to play casual games and supply our monkey for entering the crack is more than decent.

However, this can go one step further, since if we connect a keyboard and a mouse, if we can play from this console to 100% of our power. Of course it is not the best console to play Mob de Moba Riot, but a true beast to enjoy other company games such as Legends of RENATER, TFT or Ruination.

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