2022 LOL World Championship Semifinal Semifinals will be the LCK Civil War after 5 years

** -t1, ‘LPL No. 1 Seed’

-t1 wins the LCK Civil War in 5 years after winning

-‘LCK No. 1 Seed’ Benji, ‘Seed 4’ DRX and 31 days clash

In the 2022 League of Legends World Championship Finals, an important game will be held to determine whether the LCK (Korea) civil war can be completed.

Riot Games announced that the 2022 League of Legends World Championship (Rolled Cup) semi-finals will be held at State Palm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on the 30th and 31st (Monday, Korea Time).

In the Rolled Cup semi-finals, LCK Seed, Benji, and Seed, the second seed, T1, and Seed DRX, LPL (China) seed 1, Jingling Gaming, advanced.

T1 and Jingling Gaming confront in the first match on the 30th, and Benji and DRX will face in the second match on Monday. If the T1 defeats Jingling Gaming, the LCK team will play the finals five years after the finals of SK Telecom T1 and Samsung Galaxy in 2017.

T1, ‘LPL Killer’

The T1, who won seven times in the Rolled Cup and won three runner-ups, won more than four finals. The reason why the T1 was able to achieve good results is that the LPL team, which is forming a rival composition, was met in 5 premises and at least never lost in the Rolled Cup.

The T1 showed the LPL killer by defeating the Royal Club 3-0 in the 2013 final, which was the first time in the Rolled Cup.


In the 2016 Rolled Cup quarter-finals, the T1 won the Royal Never GIB Up 3-1 and won the championship, and in 2017, the quarter-finals met Royal Never Give Up again and won three to two. Good to. In this year’s Rolled Cup quarter-finals, the T1, who won 3-0 against Royal Never Group, scored four games in the Rolled Cup 5 premise with the LPL team.

Jingling Gaming was in the quarter-finals when he advanced to the Rolled Cup in 2020, but was eliminated by losing one-to-three to LPL team Tuning Gaming.

Jingling Gaming, which was organized in the same group as Damon Kia in 2020 and 2022 stage, divided 1 win and 1 loss in 2020, and this year, he recorded 2 wins and 1 loss. Jingling Gaming, who didn’t look at the LCK team and had a 5th match, was interested in what patterns would show against the T1.

‘Tempo protection’ Benji vs ‘Kabuki’ DR

The confrontation between Benji and DRX, which confronts the 31st, is an overwhelming advantage of the objective entirely, but it is not easy to predict because it cannot ignore the uptrend of DRX.

Benji is running seven consecutive wins against DRX. After winning 2-0 to DRX in the second round of the LCK Spring Regular League in 2021, Benji has been winning seven consecutive wins this year. During the seven-game win, he gave only one set to DRX, and in the four regular league confrontations in 2022, he won 2-0.

DRX has been on the rise since the LCK representative selection, and has been in the middle of the quarterfinals. DR, who had a hard set of KT Pollster and Live Sandbox in the representative selection, won the Seed No. 4 Seed.

The DRX, which was assigned to Group C in the round of 16, won the first place in the first place with the LEC seed log, and in the quarter-finals, the defending champion, Edward Gaming, wrote a drama called Reverse Seeing against the Reverse Gaming.

Benji and DRX have never played five wins and three victories in the last two years.

4-finals, finals, on-site relay

Casters and commentators representing the LCK will broadcast the LCK teams live in the semifinals and the finals.

In the semifinals held at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Sung Sung Leon Caster, ‘Cloud Templar’ Lee Byung-soo and ‘King I’ King Seung-hyun commentator will be broadcast. In the finals held at the San Francisco Chase Center, Jean Yong-jun caught the microphone, and Lee Byung-soo and King Seung-hyun commentator are in charge of the broadcast.

The analysis desk is held at Seoul Roll Park. The analysis desk of the semi-finals of the semi-finals played by the T1 is played by Soon Soon announcer, ‘Light Stone’ Ha Kwang-seok, and ‘Gorilla’ King Beom-hyun commentator, and the analysis desk of Benji and DRX’s second round of second match is Lee Jong-un announcer and ‘gorilla’ King Beom-hyun, ‘Lira’ South Taegu commentator is in charge. The final analysis desk will be all three commentators who were in charge of Lee Jong-un announcer and analysis desk.

Viewing Park cheers together in Roll Park and CGV

Since three of the four teams who have advanced to the semifinals are members of the LCK, on-site joint support for LCK fans will be held. Like the last Rolled Cup quarter-finals, LCK will hold a viewing party at Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul.

In the quarter-final viewing party, the viewing party was held at the Roll Park Event Zone, but in the semifinals, you can enjoy the game at the LCK Arena. The role park can be entered from 5 am on the 30th and 31st, and fans who visit the site will receive souvenirs such as postcards and stickers with photos of each team athlete.

You can also watch the Rolled Cup semi-finals on CGV. The CGV Wangling Theater will be screened on two finals on the 30th and 31st, and the same souvenirs will be provided to the audience.

The details related to the viewing party will be guided through the LCK social media.

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