Find a lost dog, P.T inspired horror game release

Another horror game inspired by P. T is released. The main character is Paranormal Tales, who travels around the forest and finds a dog.

Indie Game Developer Horror Game Commit unveiled its new Paranormal Tales on the 26th and opened the Steam page. This game is a horror game that gained motifs from Silent Hills’ playable teaser (P. T), such as a non-massage or fresh pace, and is based on the first-person view of the body cam style and the surreal event.

The player walks around the dark forest with a secret and looks for a lost dog teddy. The game is carried out by repeatedly traveling around the place that looks similar, like the mental succession of P.T. The player needs to find a video file all over the map, and new things happen every time they find a video file. It is characterized by fear of JumpS care and various sounds and atmosphere.

Paranormal Tales is currently being sponsored by Patron. If you participate in the sponsorship, you can participate in one step ahead, and you can also receive content for the sponsor. Detailed information, including the release date, will be released later.

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