SEGA insists that Sonic Frontiers is not an RPG or looks like Zelda: Breath of the Wild

There is much expectation among the players facing the launch of Sonic Frontiers, the adventure of the open world starring a legend such Sega’s hedgehog. It is not surprising, since your announcement we have seen numerous videos in which you can intuit that it will touch us Explore a huge scenario with total freedom of movement.

In fact, there are few users who have shared their reflections, in which names such The Legend of Zelda can often read: Breath of the Wild, Enfilade Chronicles and even Shadow of the Colossus . Something that from the Sonic Team wanted to clarify through their head, Takhi Izuku.

does not look like Zelda, nor is it an RPG

In Game hub TV Shack News program, Izuku h been very clear about it: It is an action game . That is how blunt it h been shown before explaining a little more about the proposal: When people talk about The Legend of Zelda: Break of the Wild, they do so thinking about a role-playing game, and that does not look at all To the game we are doing, he explains. He also stressed that despite the freedom offered by open environments, the objective of the study h always been to implement the usual linear action in other titles of the saga.

What is evident is that very soon, next Tuesday, November 8 , we can all try the new and mysterious adventure of the hedgehog, since that same day Sonic Frontiers reaches PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. In the absence of a week, in this link we tell you everything we know, so you can know a little more about it.

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