NBA 2K23 MyTEAM Season 2 New Frontier Cards

Let’s strike the New Frontier in Season 2 of Team.

These cards can be earned by completing degrees and also challenges in Season 2, it’s a great way to include cards without spending money on them.

We’ve got new means to include more cards to your NBA 2K23 Team Period 2 lineup with the New Frontier cards.

NBA 2K23 Team Period 2 New Frontier

Getting brand-new cards in NBA 2K23 Team means enhancing your group in various means. The New Frontier cards will certainly assist you with that said.

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These cards you will not desire to market. You’re going to intend to accumulate every one of them, so you can order the Pink Ruby Pete Makovich.

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Also, if you do not such as the cards, you can then market them for MT and also use that MT to buy added ones.

There are three Collection Benefits for the New Frontier embedded in NBA 2K23 Team, and also we have those for you below:

A few of the cards have extremely reduced total ratings however you won’t be using these NBA 2K23 Team cards anyway.

New Frontier cards to accumulate.

In total, there are nine cards that you’ll require to finish a collection, we’ll take a look at those cards listed below however obtaining a Ruby Mikael Bridges is definitely worth it.

Requisition Nate Archibald Agenda.

Here are every one of the cards that you’ll have to collect:.


There’s a brand-new Program in NBA 2K23 Team as well with the Requisition Nate Archibald card available now.

This 93 OR Ruby Nate Archibald is a great choice at the factor guard position, so take a look at just how you can get the card right here.

There’s still time to obtain entailed in the video game as well as you can use our link listed below to acquire.

We reviewed how you can add this card to your lineup and also the 6 tasks you’ll have to complete in addition to the benefits.

  • Amethyst Dan Issel-90 RPF/C .

  • Ruby Vince Carter-89 ORES/SF .
  • Ruby Expense Laimbeer-88 ORC/PF .
  • Ruby Tojo White-88 RPG/SG .
  • Sapphire Patrick Ewing-86 ORC .
  • Emerald Derrick Rose-83 RPG/SG .
  • Emerald Clark Kellogg-82 RPF .
  • Gold Carmelo Anthony-75 ORES/SG .
  • Gold Earl Boykins-73 RPG/SG .

  • Pink Ruby Pete Maravich-95 RPG/SG .

  • Diamond Mikael Bridges-93 ORES/PF .
  • Ruby Kyle Kuzma-93 RPF/SF .

As soon as you finish the very first Season 2 Select collection, you’ll earn the NBA 2K23 Team Pink Ruby Pete Makovich.

Before you can assert the NBA 2K23 Team Collection Incentives for these New Frontier cards, you’ll need to order all the other cards first.

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