Fortnite Seon 4 advances its end date one day: When does it end?

Epic Games h changed without warning the end date of seon 4 of Fortnite . What’s going on? We tell you everything we know about When it ends Fortnite seon 4 in this news. Let’s go there:

Fortnite Seon 4 will end one day earlier than expected; Epic Games h not given explanations

On Tuesday, November 8, 2022, we realize a subtle change in the text that contains the end date of the current Fortnite seon, which is seon 4 of chapter 3. From today, you can read the purches of the battle ps They cannot be returned through the Cancel Purche option of Fortnite or through return coupons. Chapter 3-Temporada 4 until December 2 .

Before this, we could see that The end date w Saturday, December 3 , something that married the start and end dates of previous seons of this Fortnite chapter: on Saturdays it is the end of the seon, there is event or not, and on Sundays the new seon began.

Maybe this is because, h been rumored, there will be a whole day of maintenance time between seons instead of several hours usual. This in turn would take more firewood with the rumor of the possibility that the next seon of Fortnite is not seon 5 of chapter 3, but seon 1 of chapter 4 . Be that it may, these changes without prior communication by Epic Games leave the company in poor place.

In any ce, in our Fortnite guide you will always have all the updated information about the state of the game and its novelties, including how to upload ft level or what rewards in this battle ps.

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