Stadia begins to make the promised refunds before closing in January

Stadia’s dream comes to an end. It w an ambitious cloud game project backed by one of the most important Internet names, Google . Well, how things will have come out that in just three years (its commercial version dates from November 19, 2019) the road comes to an end. And it is that the chosen business model did not seem to many the best since the same announcement in March 2019.


Google Stadia and the fiancé reimbursement to the players

Although cloud services such Microsoft seem to go stern, what Stadia w doing w something like Netflix and then have to buy movies inside their service. There were advantages, gifts and promotions, of course, but everything w similated in a somewhat aggressive concept with the user.

After the announcement of the Google closure, it promised to to return the money to the users s, and fortunately it will be. This affects hardware, DLC and games own and others bought through Stadia Store . The process h been automated and operates for a couple of days. In Prince for the same payment method that each user used. If it could not be so, an email will reach our mail tray to establish an alternative method.

The small print leaves out the subscriptions to Stadia pro prior to September 29 , although these users will have free access to the service from that date until the closing of the platform on January 18, 2023 . Something good is that the hardware will not have to be returned to receive your reimbursement. Which means that, for example, the controls, we can continue using them on other platforms and services.

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