59 points: Joel Embbiid dominates with a historical idea

With a gala performance and 59 points, Joel Embodied leads the Philadelphia 76ers to the 105:98 win over Utah Jazz. The center takes over completely in the fourth quarter.


If you take defense and offense together, I’ve never seen a more dominant performance. Mixers coach Doc Rivers will not have been al1. In the home game against Utah Jazz, Joel Embed scored 59 points (19/28 FG, 20/24 ft), eleven rebounds, eight assists and seven blocks and led Philadelphia to the 105:98 home win, which again the Mixers a balanced (7-7).

Never before since the NBA officially evaluated Blocks for the 1973/74 season, a player has had over 50 points in an NBA game, ten rebounds, five assists and five blocks. My teammates knew who had the hot hand-and they just had to feed me, said Empbiid-like in the fourth quarter.

But the center of the 27 points marked Philadelphia’s! In a three-point lead, Embed only blocked the Collin Sexton layup one and a half minutes before the end, in return Embed followed a jumper-the decision.

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