Streets of Rage will have its film adaptation

In recent years, video game adaptations to films is already more common, this we already saw with tapes such as detective Pikachu, World of Warcraft, Assassin’s Creed and even the two premieres of Sonic The Hedgehog. And speaking of this, Sega wants to continue with the trend, so recently the adaptation of Streets of Rage would have been confirmed.

Lions gate has taken the film rights of the game and has recruited Derek Holstein, who helped write the stories of john Wick and his sequela. You will write the movie and produce it, so it will be interesting the elements of action that will include the tape. After all the game saga is dedicated to distributing blows between characters.

This is what he mentioned in this regard:

When Dmitri mentioned for the first time the idea of making a movie of ‘Streets of Rage’, I went crazy immediately, and to play with sega? My 10-year-old me is still smiling.

Adaptation producers include Tour Nakamura by Sega, Dmitri M. Johnson de DJ2 Entertainment, Timothy I. Stevenson, Dan Evans and Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal and Tony Shaw of Exhaust Artists. Nakamura produced the first two films of sonic The Hedgehog and is an executive producer of Sonic Prime.


There is still no premiere date contemplated.

Via: Variety

Editor’s note: In adaptation issues, Street Rage would look very good, and if Sonic’s success is replicated, it is possible that a tape saga with a lot of potential is derived. We will have to wait to have more news.

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