NBA 2K23 MyTEAM Transcendent Pack Best Cards & Ability Difficulties

The most recent NBA 2K23 Team packs have actually been revealed, and it contains the first set of Kobe Bryant cards of the year.

We’ll likewise have a look at the new Ability Difficulty for a complimentary pack.

From the Pink Diamond cards to the Amethyst cards available, we’ll take a look at them all.

NBA 2K23 Team Transcendent Packs

The Transcendent packs in NBA 2K23 Team are most likely to be a fan favorite because of the two Pink Diamond cards offered.

The Transcendent Packs aren’t too costly but yet again, there isn’t a Deluxe Pack offered, which is unfortunate.

Transcendent Load Cards.

With no guaranteed cards through Deluxe Packs, we’d suggest at the majority of costs 99K VC on a 10-Pack Box.


The cards will only be offered in NBA 2K23 Team for a week, so let’s take an appearance at the costs for each pack.

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The Kobe Bryant Pink Diamond is certainly going to be one a lot of players are utilizing however don’t underestimate the Cent Hard away card.

  • Transcendent Pack (Single) -11,250 VC or 15,750 MT.
  • Transcendent Load (10-Pack Box) -99 K VC.
  • Transcendent Pack (20-Pack Box) -198 K VC.

We have actually already mentioned the two Pink Diamond cards that are offered in this set, but they’re not the only cards that we’d target.

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You’ll need to complete a couple of Triple Hazard video games, and then you’ll take on the Transcendent team in a full video game.

  • Pink Diamond Kobe Bryant-SG/SF.
  • Pink Diamond Cent Hardaway-PG/SG.
  • Diamond Kris taps Porzingis-C.
  • Diamond Darius Garland-PG/SG.
  • Diamond Kobe Bryant-SG/SF.
  • Amethyst John Collins-PF/C.
  • Amethyst Kobe Bryant-SG/SF.
  • Amethyst Sim Bhullar-C.

The bright side is you will not need to beat them, all you’ll be required to do in the last challenge is make twelve three-pointers.

Each of these cards makes excellent NBA 2K23 Team alternatives but the ones we wish to have been the two Pink Diamond cards and the Diamond Darius Garland.

Ability Difficulties readily available.


There’s a Diamond Kris taps Mornings card and a Diamond Darius Garland, both of which are terrific alternatives in Team.

There’s currently a Skill Challenge offered in NBA 2K23 Team today for the Transcendent Packs.

These are all the Transcendent cards you could possibly pull:. Find this

There are 3 alternative cards for Kobe Bryant in the NBA 2K23 Team Transcendent Packs.

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