Where to catch Iron Valiant in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Iron Valiant-Pokemon of the combat/magical type, exclusive for Pokémon Violet. Its design resembles both Gardener and Gal lade, which descended from RATS. Among the Paradox Pokémon in Pokémon Violet, Iron Valiant, is perhaps the most difficult to find. But do not worry, we will cover you. This is where to find Iron Valiant in Pokémon Violet.

Location Iron Valiant in Pokémon Violet

Iron Valiant appears in only one place in the Area Zero, and this small cave is hidden near the research station No. 3. That’s how to get there.


Step one: the first thing you need to do is teleport to research station No. 3. Look to the left of the large entrance to the cave leading to research station No. 4. You should see a large tree at a distance. Move to this tree.

Step two: the cave is hidden behind a pile of stones next to a large tree (see pile on the left in the picture below). Drive past the rocks to get to the cave.

As soon as you find yourself there, go to the middle of the room (the one with a large waterfall), and iron valor should roam in the region. If by the time you get there, one of them will not appear, take a walk and defeat the other Pokémon using lets go! A function to free up a place for the appearance of new Pokémon.

Being a hybrid of Gardener and Ballad, the iron valiant has all the characteristics in which they are both strong: attack, special. ATK and speed. This is something like a glass gun, so do not forget to hypertrocort its speed so that it can be used in PVP. Invest your first set of EV points in its speed.

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