All chainsaw mans opening and completion songs

As a complement to the incredible action and the surprising characters that appear in Chainsaw Man, there is an anonymous hero of the greatness of the anime series: music. The music establishes the tone for each exciting episode and leaves us wanting the next episode to begin immediately. Here is a list of all the opening and closure music of Chainsaw Compilation for its auditory pleasure.


All the music of Chainsaw Man (intro and outro)

Chainsaw Man’s songs were uniquely composed of some of Japan’s most talented musical artists to adapt to the sensation of each episode they accompany. Together with their own individual animated sequences, these musical numbers are their own works of art of Chainsaw Man and carry anime at a completely different level.

Check out all music and artists below and make sure you listen to all the songs in Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

  • Contragolpe-Kenshi One (Opening Song, All Episodes)
  • Blood of chainsaw-vainy (episode 1)
  • Remaining time-Zutomayo (episode 2)
  • Hawaii Nike Centi-Maximizes the hormone (episode 3)
  • Tablet-Toboe (episode 4)
  • In the back room-Syudou (episode 5)
  • Quotation-Kanaria (episode 6)
  • Chu, Tayousei-Year (Episode 7)
  • First death-TK of Ling To site Figure (Episode 8)

With new episodes that are transmitted every Tuesday, consult again as this list of incredible songs continues to grow. Meanwhile, create a new playlist and enjoy what we have so far.

That is all you need to know about all the opening and closing music of Chainsaw Man. If you are looking for more content about the anime series, discover how long Benji fought against the demon of eternity or why Maxima did not get drunk.

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