Football World Cup 2022 Sammer brings Matthäus as DFB

DFB President Bernd Bettendorf had refused a task guarantee for the duo after the Top World Cup. Finally, Build reported that Flick can continue as a nationwide coach.

After the crashing initial round at the World Cup in Qatar, the German national group is fixing. According to reports, the DFB could draw personnel consequences. In this context, Matthias Summer brings Other Matthews into play.

After the 3rd tournament disappointment in a series, there is an alarm mood at the DFB. In the coming days, national coach Hansi Flick and Handling Director Oliver Bailiff are scheduled for a crisis meeting.

In the public argument, the structures within the DFB are typically gone over these days. A s system without a higher-level ing management is the image of the German Football Association, stated Matthias Summer at Magenta TV and added: I made enough errors in my life. The error of eliminating this position You have to come first.

Meanwhile, a brand-new function is scheduled for Bailiff. The 1996 European champ could just be accountable for the national team for the DFB Academy, it is stated.

can Other Matthews help the DFB?

A s director would define the huge lines. You need a restorative for my terms every two years to turn the little adjustment screws in the ideal instructions, said Summer, who worked as a DFB s director in between 2006 and 2012.

According to reports, the DFB might draw personnel effects. In the public debate, the structures within the DFB are normally talked about these days. At the exact same time, the long-time football authorities provided his help to the DFB.


The 55-year-old is no longer offered for the office, he said. As a possible prospect, Summer brought record national gamer Other Matthews into conversation rather. At the very same time, the long-time football official offered his help to the DFB.

Summer is presently working as an external consultant for Borussia Dortmund.

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