World Cup 2022 – Argentina vs. Croatia: Semi -finals Today In The Live Ticker


There is only one day left in the World Cup finals. In the first semi-final match, Argentina and Croatia compete for the chance to face France in the final on Sunday. Both teams have a chance here and now – but who will end up on top?

Argentina and Croatia today object to the first semi-finals at the World Cup in Qatar
Here you can follow the game live
To defend the World Cup last starts today with the first semi-final game between Argentina and Croatia
Lionel Messi or Luka Modric-Wer can prevail?
You can discover in the Live ticker from SPOT
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WM 2022-Argentina vs. Croatia: semi-finals today in the live ticker

Before the start: The semi-finals have been reached, four countries are still left in to defend the world champion title
Among them secures the very first final ticket today, will it be Argentina around superstar Lionel Messi?
Or do the hard Croatia ruin the next dream?
Both groups just needed to triumph in penalty shootouts to walk around the last four
While the Albiceleste tossed the Netherlands out of the tournament, Vice World Champ Croatia beat the favorites of Brazil
Before the start: The battle will start at 8 p.m. German time and held in the Lugsail Iconic Arena (Lugsail)
Before the start: Hi and welcome to the World Cup semi-final video game in between Argentina and Croatia

WM 2022-Argentina vs. Croatia: semi-finals today on television and livestream

The ARD now offers the spectacle reside on complimentary television and in the complimentary livestream at
The initial reports start at 6.50 p.m., even if the Sportsman program starts
As normal, Esther Sedlaczek is used as a mediator in Lugsail, Rio World Champ Bastian Schweinsteiger is a professional
The game is discussed by Herd Gottlieb
Magenta TV is naturally likewise an alternative today as a rights’ holder of all World Cup games
Unlike the ARD, however, access is blocked with a subscription and expense barrier

WM 2022-Argentina vs. Croatia, semi-finals: anticipated lists

  • Argentina: E. Martinez-Molina, Romero, Amend, Tagliafico-e
    Fernandez Paul, Mac Allister-Messi-Di Maria, Alvarez
  • Croatia: Livakovic-Juranovic, Loren, Guardiola, Sosa-Brozovic-Modric, Kovacic-Pasalic, Dramatic, Perišić
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WM 2022: The semi-finals at a glance



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December, 8 p.m
Croatia Argentina

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December, 8 p.m

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