2K, PGA Tour 2K23 x NBA 2K23 Bundle Launched

2K announced that it will launch a special discount price for a limited time by launching PGA TOUR 2K23 x NBA 2K23 bundles, which are tied to two sports games.

This bundle will be released on PlayStation 5 and 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Steam.



NBA 2K23 is the latest work of the NBA basketball simulation game series, which has been praised by critics, and offers innovative gameplay and animation, popular sports teams, realistic basketball games, online community functions and upgraded game modes.

In particular, in this work, the Jordan Challenge Sports Game Mode allows you to reproduce the most impressive moments in Michael Jordan’s history.

In addition, PGA TOUR 2K23 provides realistic golf experiences in a virtual course, adding and improving new features, and is a game that can be enjoyed by not only existing fans but also golf.

This work is a symbolic cover model and Tiger Woods, the first female professional athlete to be released in 2K, the first female professional players, and famous sports stars Michael Jordan and Stefan Curry.

In addition to the new top golf mode and license courses, we will also showcase various players, customized golf balls and equipment, and clubs.

In addition, the Tiger Woody Signature Sunday Pack will be discounted, and by January 2, the PlayStation and Xbox platform will be sold at a 25% discount.

For more information about each game, you can visit the official website or follow Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

HE Studio and Visual Concepts are 2K studios, and 2K is a publishing label owned by take-to-interactive software.

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