Gundam Goes Viral Over Wild New 3D Billboard in Tokyo


Gun dam is a Japanese anime series that features giant robots and has been popular with fans for decades. Now, the latest addition to the Gun dam universe – an extravagant 3D billboard in Shibuya – is currently making headlines around the world.

3-D signboards have landed in Japan as well as many have actually been made use of to assist in advertising some significant anime franchises, with a recent marketing campaign seeing Dragon Round Super bringing the nefarious Frieze to this brand-new platform. Currently, with the Gun dam franchise business just recently releasing a new game that brings countless much suits in a video game to fight one another by means of Gun dam Evolution, one of the most preferred techs in the anime globe have received a 3-D signboard that sees the robots bursting forth into the genuine globe.

The Gun dam franchise has had a big year in 2022, thanks mostly to the arrival of the most up-to-date anime collection in the Mobile Match cosmos, Gun dam: The Witch From Mercury. With the brand-new collection seizing the day to introduce anime audiences to the very first women protagonist in the Gun dam knowledgeable, this television program from Banzai NAMC Film works likewise introduces a world that isn’t rather like anything that came before. In The Witch From Mercury, Gun dams have actually been outlawed many thanks to company emperors who see the much fits as a threat to their preeminence, though Suzette Mercury, a brand-new student at a college where conflicts are taken care of by means of giant robotic fight, had an Aerial Gun dam up her sleeve many thanks to her family members connections.

3-D Gun dam

A new video from Gun dam: Advancement flaunts the 3-D signboard in Japan, with the first-person shooter recently hitting consoles earlier this month and permitting gamers to pick from a lot of the techs that have appeared across the anime cosmos considering that the franchise debuted in the 1970s:

Which anime do you believe would function well with a 3-D signboard of its very own? Which much suit do you assume stands most of all others in the Gun dam cosmos? Really feel free to allow us to recognize in the remarks or hit me up straight on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, as well as the world of Gun dams.

The Witch From Mercury and also Gun dam Development are much from the only jobs that the much universe needs to help in growing its popularity, with Netflix remaining to service a live-action adjustment film and an animated sequel in the help the Hathaway’s Flash collection. This latest billboard joins a variety of statues that have actually been put up throughout Japan, with the Walking Gun dam remaining to take steps while demonstrating how huge and also precious the Gun dam world has actually ended up being over the decades.

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