Xbox Series S: How To Win A Walkman This December

In 1976, Sony launched the first Walkman in Japan. Now, four decades later, it is launching a Walkman-styled Xbox S console. And to celebrate the launch of its 40th anniversary release, Sony has teamed up with Microsoft to offer a chance for you to win one.


Much of you need to no more understand the term cassette.

After all, it is the precursor of the portable disc. This is once again a name that some individuals may have forgotten.
Simply put: both are physical sound carriers, predominantly to save music on it.
When it comes to the cassette, a Walkman was utilized to play the music.
The mobile device with earphones permitted you to hear DJ Bob, Ace of Base, David Hasselhoff and also many various other musicians who… right, no longer recognizes.
Why do we inform you that at all?
Oh, yes: Xbox roofing is raffling off such a Walkman in the design of an Xbox Series S console.
You can participate in the competitors through Twitter or Instagram.
The closing day for participation is December 22, 11:59 p.m. You can review the conditions of participation on
We’ll maintain our fingers crossed!

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