Every Character In Asterix & Obelix The Empire Of The Middle Revealed In 33 Portrait Posters

The exit from Asterix & Obelix The middle empire was wedged on February 1, 2023.


If the world has its eyes today on Avatar 2 the waterway, we must not forget that in next February, another blockbuster, well from our house, will land in the movie theaters.
This big film is Asterix & Obelix The Empire of the Middle Kingdom, which brings together an imposing casting with an audience of stars from all strolls of life.

Movie theater, music, web and even football, Path who produces the film has actually not stinted the ways so that the viewer can relate to everyone.
From Guillaume Cadet to Pierre Richard, via Zlatan Ibrahimović, Adèle, Thomas VDB, Chandler or even Adèle, there is something for all worlds and moods.
Precisely, Path chose to expose all the stars who are entitled to their picture poster.
They are 33 in number and here they are all, one by one…

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